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Term 3 Newsletter 2018

WEE RASCALS TOO Newsletter February term 3

Dear Parents/Carers

Christmas now feels like a distant memory! I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new families to Wee Rascals Too. I hope you have settled in well.


Kirstin Stewart has accepted a permanent position within the Busy Bee room on a Monday, Thursday and Friday. Kirstin is a qualified Nursery Nurse.

Karis Morton has joined the Little Bunnies as a Nursery Assistant. Karis works Monday Thursday.


I'm delighted to tell you that Wee Rascals Too raised 1777. 10 for Barnardo's in 2017. Collectively, Summers Nurseries raised 8064.74, which is the highest amount we have ever raised for one charity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support towards our annual charities.

Our 2018 Charity of the Year is 'Befriend a Child'. They are a local charity who support disadvantaged and troubled children aged 4-16 in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. You can find out more information about them at www.befriendachild.org.uk

Please keep an eye out for future fundraising events!


Rachel and Allana continue to work towards their SVQ 3 and are doing really well.

I'm continuing to work towards a BA in Childhood Practice.

Trips and Visits

The Busy Bees will be heading to Satrosphere for their spring trip. More information and consent forms will be issued in due course.

Angela from Abricabeats has been coming to the Busy Bee room on a Friday afternoon during term time.

Our Development Worker, Margaret Bennett, has been visiting the Cheeky Monkeys and Little Bunnies. She has been singing songs, reading stories and introducing the children and staff to Loose Parts Play. We are still looking for some items for our Loose Parts Box, which can include; plastic bottle tops, pine cones, and yogurt pots.

Little Bunnies

The Little Bunnies enjoyed learning about Fireworks and Bonfires at the end of last term. After this, they learnt about Eco Schools. The children experienced water play with milk cartons, made bird feeders for the garden and used insect flashcards.

The children then went on to learn about winter, practising their throwing and catching skills using felt snowballs. They enjoyed a taste of hot chocolate, and used the crazy soap to make snowmen! This led on to the Little Bunnies learning about snow. They listened to stories about winter and hand painted Christmas wreaths. We then moved onto learning about Christmas. The Little Bunnies made lovely crafts to take home, and they sang lots of Christmas songs, as well as enjoying reading the Christmas Story. We had a taste of a mince pie, and baked some snowmen shortbread. And, of course, lots of fun was had at the Little Bunnies Christmas Party!

After the holidays, the Little Bunnies learnt about shapes. They built with wooden blocks, used the shape sorters and print painted lots of different shapes.

Most recently, the Little Bunnies have been learning about families.. They have created a family tree using paint and collage materials. Thank you all for taking in a family photo! The children have enjoyed using the Happyland houses and people for free play.

Cheeky Monkeys

The Cheeky Monkeys finished learning about characters, and then moved on to looking at Christmas. They made pom pom Christmas trees, and reindeer handprints. The children also enjoyed practicing their baking skills, making Christmas biscuits. Everyone enjoyed writing their Christmas wish lists for Santa.

Before the holidays, the children enjoyed a Fun Week. They practiced their ball skills, built towers and buildings with duplo, and spent time gluing and sticking. The children also enjoyed practicing their party games before their party in December.

Since returning to nursery after the holidays, the Cheeky Monkeys have enjoyed learning about winter. They made cotton wool snow pictures, and explored different textures during an ice activity. The children have enjoyed singing lots of winter songs. The Cheeky Monkeys are now moving on to learning about weather.

Busy Bees

After learning about Disney, the Busy Bees moved on to Christmas discussions and activities. The children practiced hard for their nativity performance, and spent a long time learning all the songs. They made crackers and used felt to make Christmas hats, as well as practising their writing and letter formation, hand writing letters to Santa. The Busy Bees also enjoyed tasting some mince pies in the run up to Christmas. The children thoroughly enjoyed their party where they were treated to 2 special guests! A magician and Santa!

After the Christmas holidays, the children went straight into their Space topic! This has proven to be a huge hit with everyone, and the feedback from parents has been really positive. We are really glad your children are enjoying the topic and are learning lots! The children have learnt about each of the planets and their order from the sun. The Busy Bees enjoyed making rockets, jet packs and astronaut helmets using recycled materials. They have studied the moon and learnt about the different stages of the eclipse, as well as spending time discussing the sun, where they are able to speak about the size, colour and warmth. The children enjoyed getting stuck in and making space biscuits, and this encouraged their numeracy skills, as they were included in the weighing and measuring of the ingredients. They also participated in an experiment led by Lana, where they used baking soda, water, food colouring and vinegar to make fizzing planets!

Space will continue to be the Busy Bee topic this term, as there is so much more to learn and the children are thoroughly enjoying it!

The children took some time away from Space, to learn about Robbie Burns. They tried haggis and neeps, and researched their families tartan. All the children enjoyed making their own tartan, and copying the Scottish flag.

Parental Feedback

We try to focus parental feedback more on what your child has been learning for all the rooms, as well as details regarding activities offered. Parents are still given details regarding information about care needs and eating habits on the daily sheet for the 0-3 age group. Our menus are also displayed for you to view. Parents of the 3-5 year old children are encouraged to ask their children about their day, and to use the displays on the wall which provide information about your child's day.

Improvement Plans/Eco Schools

We are continuing to work towards developing our nursery as an Eco Schools environment. We are working towards our Green Flag award, and hope to achieve this soon, focusing on 'Water' this term.

Our new Improvement Plan will be divided into 3 areas. We will focus on staff gaining more knowledge about a frequently used document; How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare, developing the ILD system and Loose Parts within the nursery. The Improvement Plans are displayed on the General News wall in the hallway.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme which will replace existing voucher schemes which close to new entrants April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available for you to read from the following sites:-




Information will be displayed on the front door advising parents of actual confirmed/suspected infectious illness if present in the nursery. Please inform us of any illness your child has, and follow the required exclusion period.

If you are bringing in medicine for your child, please ensure it is given to a senior member of staff, and signed in using a medication sheet. Medicine should not be left in your child's bag.

Change of Details

Please remember to inform us of any changes regarding personal details, eg phone numbers/address', so that we always have up to date information.


As the weather continues to be unpredictable, can I ask that you provide suitable outdoor clothing for your child, labelled, where possible.

We require 4 weeks written notice when dropping days.

Just a reminder to please make sure you are closing the door properly when entering and leaving the building, not allowing anyone else to enter. You are not being rude by closing the door and allowing staff to answer. You are helping us keep the children safe, which is our main priority.

Policies of the Term

Every term, we select certain policies to focus on. Our policies are available for parents to read in the front hallway. Please ask myself or the Room Leader of your child's room if you have any trouble locating them.

The policies of the term are as follows:-

17 - Food Safety Management System

22 Manual Handling

32 Room Management, Staffing and Record Keeping

Dates for your diary

Our website - www.summersnurseries.comhas information regarding dates, 'show and tell' etc, so please take a look at Wee Rascals Too news.

Kind regards

Claire Rizza

Trainee Nursery Manager


Tel 01467 633994