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Term 3 Newsletter

Term 3 Newsletter – February 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break. Welcome to all the new families that have joined us so far this year. We are looking forward to building some lovely relationships with you all.

Thanks for all the lovely gifts we received over the festive period. We were well and truly spoiled.

Staff Changes

We are sad to be losing Amy Pickavance from the 0-2 room. Amy is moving onto another private nursery. We will be having Lavanya taking over Amy's position and she will be joining the team on 22/02/2017. She is a fully qualified Nursery Nurse and has two little ones of her own.

Erin Barnes left on 13/02/2017 to embark on her new journey as Assistant Manager at our St Swithin Street branch. We are welcoming Hazel Stein as our 3-5 Room Leader. Hazel has worked for Summers for three years and has been leading the 3-5 room in Inverurie as a maternity cover.

Hazel has her own three boys at home, so will easily adapt to the hustle and bustle of our noisy 3-5 room with ease.

We wish all the girls the best of luck as they start their new ventures.

Staff Training

Rachel Patterson (0-2), Natasha Cuthbert (2-3) and Rachel MacDonald (3-5) are progressing well with their training and continuing to produce a high standard of written work, which is obvious throughout their practical practice.

Charmaine has unfortunately had emergency surgery and therefore will be taking a short break from her BA studies. We wish Charmaine a speedy recovery, and look forward to her returning to work in a few weeks time.

Other training that staff have taken part in this term has included:

  • Infection Control
  • Building the Ambition
  • The Rights of the Child and
  • Everybody In! Inclusive Play Training

Trips & Outings

We have enjoyed so many trips last term, including the Christmas Panto and a trip to BA Stores, as well as a successful annual Nativity performed by the pre-school room.

The pre-school room have been visiting their Wee Green Space; there have been weekly trips with the children who are enjoying a variety of activities, including hunting for treasures and of course the very muddy mud slide!

Building the Ambition states "Children are born curious and with an inquiring nature. All children need access to well thought out experiences which will help them develop their inquiry skills to be successful and competent learners. We know from GUS (Growing up in Scotland) research that children who do not have enough problem solving types of activities from the very start are at a significant disadvantage to those children who do. "

Angela from Abricabeats has been visiting weekly. At the request of one of our parents, a video has been put on the ILD. You will see for yourselves how much the children are engaged throughout the lesson and how much fun everyone is having.  Dancing encourages control of large and fine muscle groups, listening skills and the abilities to follow instruction. Angela will attend on a Friday this term to allow a different group of children to experience Abricabeats.

We are looking to book a trip to the Dundee Science Centre in April for the 3-5 room. We will be in touch regarding children who are invited nearer the time.  


Parents have enjoyed the Nativity this year, generally rating it as excellent.

A comment for consideration for next year was to hire a videographer, so this may be a consideration for next year. Thank you for your feedback.

Improvement Plan

The improvement plan of 2016-17 is still ongoing. Both areas have been developing well.  

Improvement Area 1 - Transition Procedures

-       Children have been benefiting from the transition as staff from other rooms and are becoming increasingly familiar with the children, including all their personal needs before the actual move.

-       Parents seem to be appreciative of the new Welcome pack that is being handed out, helping everyone identify different staff and different areas of the rooms.

Improvement Area 2 – Making Use of our Local Community

Erinwill continue to attend the Wee Green Spaces training and cascade her knowledge to the rest of the team to ensure we continue to use it to its full capacity.

Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)

We are continuing to add to the ILD's and have now decided that we will also be focusing on Health and Wellbeing so that the child's profile is a holistic view of your child.

Please continue to add to the ILD's, we love seeing what the children have been enjoying and what has been developing throughout their time with you all.

A new feature of the ILD is the ability of parent's to comment on staff observations of your child. We welcome your interaction with this as it enables us to have a connection between home and nursery.

Curriculum for Excellence

We held our annual Curriculum evening on Wednesday 15th February, showing parents what experiences and outcomes will be covered throughout their child's time in the 3-5 room and how they will be covered. We also fully explained how the funding works.


This year our annual charity will be supporting Barnardo's. Barnardo's is the oldest and largest children's charity in the UK. They offer over 900 services with 8000 staff and at least 15000 volunteers who are aiding thousands of vulnerable children all over the world. To find out more information, please contact https://www.barnardos.org.uk.

Please remember that we still support Thomas from Senegal. We will be selling takeaway coffee and bacon rolls on Friday 10th March in the morning from 7:30am -9am

All money raised will go to Thomas.   

Policies of the Term

Our policies of the term this term are;

·         Child Protection

·         Child Exclusion

·         Baby Feeding

These policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read and comment on if required.

Please note all policies have been part of the annual review so any comments will be gratefully received.


We ask that all parents provide weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play. Fresh air is an essential part of growth for all children. We ensure that all children who are equipped for outdoor activities get a chance to take part.  Please note, for children who are going on walks, it is important to provide clothing that you are happy with to get muddy. The children love the experience of the mud slide, but it's only possible with your assistance. It would also be beneficial to provide thick, warm socks as welly boots are often not warm enough.

All children must be provided with a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes. Could parents also ensure their children's clothes are clearly marked with their name.


The nursery follows the NHS Grampian Guidelines for infectious diseases, so your child will only be allowed to return to nursery after any required exclusion period. Please also inform us of any illness your child has. Information is displayed on the front door regarding specific contagious illnesses. Please be aware that if your child has been prescribed an antibiotic, then we require he/she to stay at home for a minimum of 24 hours after the first dosage. If your child has vomiting/diarrhea, then he/she can come back to nursery 48 hours after the last episode.

Changes to Personal Details

Please can you make sure that the nursery is made aware of any changes to your personal details so that you are always contactable. Forms are available from the office if you require to amend any of the information we hold. Please note all parents should have confirmed and signed off their contact details form as part of our bi-annual check.


I just wanted to say a huge congratulations to all the new babies that have been born into the Summers family over the past couple of months. We have had lots of siblings born and quite a few ready to be born in the near future. We can't wait for all these babies to join us and love watching all our families grow.

Children's Play & Development

As always, we have continued to offer the children a wide variety of activities throughout the term:

All children took part in Christmas parties where Santa visited. He was fairly unpopular with the babies and a couple of the two's, but overall his presence went down well. Hope you are all enjoying your new stories!  

0-2 Years

This winter season has brought lots of fun; the babies have loved going to visit the Christmas lights and market on some of their lovely winter walks.

We worked hard to produce a lovely card, gift and calendar for all our lovely families, produced by the fair hands of all the wee ones. Well done boys and girls, it was hard!

Throughout January, we have enjoyed playing with ice. Ice play provides simple science for young children as they see the ice melt to a liquid from a solid form. We have made different shapes with moulds for the ice play, too.

We learnt some information about animals that live in artic conditions, including penguins and polar bears. We were able to look at books to find out about the animals natural environment.

The children love Peppa Pig and we therefore bought some new Peppa books. It is proven that reading to young children promotes a healthy interest in literature for future years, so finding books that young babies enjoy is important. Story time offers children an opportunity to enjoy one to one play with familiar adults in a safe, secure environment.

We will take part in singing and dancing, outdoor play, messy activities and much much more over the next fun filled term.

2-3 Years

Children have been developing their cutting skills whilst learning to create snowflakes. They have enjoyed the magic of folding the paper, making little snips and seeing what comes out when they open it up.

Whilst celebrating bonfire night, we not only created some amazing pictures with a variety of painting techniques and glitter, but we also had a big focus on keeping ourselves safe throughout.

Children created a winter clothes display; it helped them develop their understanding of keeping themselves warm throughout the winter months.

Robbie Burns poems have caused great hilarity for the two year olds. It has allowed staff to develop literacy by introducing poems as a different type of literacy, as well as introduce some children to a little bit of cultural difference with the use of the Doric language.

Our focus for next term includes shapes and letters. Children will be introduced to simple shapes and their knowledge of 2-d and 3-d shapes will be developed through a variety of activities including the use of construction materials. This will also encourage a great deal of problem solving skills.

Children have enjoyed baking activities. Baking introduces children to maths skills through weighing and measuring.

3-5 Years

Claudia introduced the children to lots of Chinese traditions for New Year. I believe some parents were often quoted to throughout the weekend on what they should wear and how much cleaning they should take part in. It's great for the children to learn about different cultures to develop their understanding of different beliefs and values. We all particularly enjoyed some of the traditional foods we tasted. The Curriculum for Excellence social studies learning experience states "I explore and discover where foods come from as I choose, prepare and taste different foods"

Children have chosen to study sea creatures this term; they have enjoyed a variety of art activities, including different painting and collaging activities. The children have used books and the internet to discover a variety of facts about things that live under the sea.  It's important that children have an understanding that literature has different purposes, not only to tell us great stories but also to help us learn facts.

The pre-school room are just starting to focus on Bridges. This will open a wealth of opportunities to learn about problem solving, working as a team, simple engineering, 2-d/ 3-d shapes and much more.

We have chosen to learn about bridges as a progression from our under the sea topic, where we started to think about what was above the sea.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery manager

01224 628862



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