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Term 4 Newsletter

Term 4 Newsletter - May 2018

Dear Parents/Carers

As always, we have lots of new families to get to know this term. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you all so far. We are looking forward to continued happy relationships throughout your time at Summers.

Term 4 of the academic year marks the end of an era, as a lot of children head off to their schools. We know each and every child leaving us is well armed for their school lives ahead. We wish them all luck and will miss them all dearly.


Rachel, who is studying for her National Certificate in Childcare at Gallowgate College will be finishing with us this term. She has been a really big part of the pre-school room, and we wish her well with her future.

This term we have welcomed Kristina, who is back from maternity leave. We are pleased as punch to have little Jakob in our Baby room, too.

Danielle and Safia have joined the team this term. Danielle has joined the babies from a non-childcare related job, but has a keen interest in developing a career in early years. Safia has joined the babies also, and is a fully qualified Nursery Nurse.

Staff Training

Karina and Hazel are continuing their external training courses. Karina is working through the legislation part of her SVQ level 3 training, and Hazel is continuing her Study Skills element of her BA Childhood Practices.

Megan and Danielle are just starting their six week induction to allow them to proceed with their Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level 3 Social Services (Children and Young People).

The new Early Learning and Childcare Training Programme will soon be being produced by Aberdeen City Council for staff to select training for their continued professional development. Staff are required to attend a minimum of 50 hours training over a 5 year period to remain registered with The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), and they record this through their detailed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) files.

Unexpected Absence

In the event of your child being absent unexpectedly from nursery, please ensure that you contact the nursery prior to the session, or at the latest by 10.00am for morning sessions or 2.00pm for an afternoon session. This saves staff having to call you each day to see if your child is attending. It allows for the preparation of food, staffing and outings.

Information evening

We are holding our Pre-birth to three evening on Monday 28th May at 6:15pm in our 0-2 room. All parents of babies who attend and are about to attend are invited. The evening gives you an insight into activities your children take part in throughout the day, and the learning that come from those experiences. Invites have been sent out, and it would be beneficial to respond so we can plan for the correct number of participants.


We have already begun our fund raising for Befriend a Child (www.befriendachild.org.uk), which supports school aged children from ages 4-16 in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire from troubled or disadvantaged backgrounds. So far, we have held breakfast mornings, and staff have been coming dressed as they please on the last Friday of each month for a small donation.

We plan to have our sponsor Sports day on Saturday 7th July. Children and families are encouraged to participate in races and enjoy face painting, lucky dip and much more.

We also plan to hold our Christmas fayre later in the year.

Kirsty, Charmaine, Steph, Lynette, Hazel and I will be taking part in the kilt walk this year for the same charity. On Sunday the 3rd June, we will be walking 26 miles, so we need all the support we can get. We can take donations and/or sponsors online through our face book page, where you will be able to see our everyday hero page, or through our sponsor forms in the nursery. 

Policies of the term

Our policies of the term this term are;

  • Policy 8 – Dealing with Challenging Behaviours
  • Policy 16 – Baby Feeding
  • Policy 31- Starting Nursery and Room Transition

These policies are displayed at the front door for parents to view.


As our Scottish summer approaches, we ask all parents to provide a sun hat for extra protection for your children. All children going outdoors will be provided with Nivea, Factor 50, and children's sun cream. Parents who have declined permission should provide the nursery with sun cream, factor 50 or above. No creams provided can contain nuts.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all up to date information, including menus, daily activities, 'show and tell' dates and much more.  You can find us at Summers Victoria Street.

Development Plans

Plan 1

We are continuing our development of the ILD's, so keep adding your observations. We love to see what the children have been doing during the weekends and how it has aided their development. We feel as if we have made great progress throughout the plan and look forward to continuing this progress.

Plan two

All rooms have been enjoying more developed heuristic play. We have created lots of outdoor play things that have been very popular. The children have enjoyed the story stones and are making the most of the old shopping crates and tyres that can be used as a variety of things. Children often sit in the crates like a train or use them for balancing.

Tax Free Childcare

Summers Nurseries are now signed up to receive Tax Free Childcare Vouchers, so when looking, please select Summers Nursery at Victoria Street as provider.

www.childcarechoices.gov.uk  www.childcarevouchers.co.uk/Documents/CCV_whatshappening_2017.pdf

Change of Personal Details

Please remember to keep your child's details up to date, including change of address, phone numbers, medical details etc. Forms are available in the office if you need to make a change. We will continue to update details biannually.


As displayed, NHS Grampian has a change in guidelines for conjunctivitis to be in line with the national policy. There is no exclusion policy unless there are an increased number of cases, which may result in exclusion. Please note there has been no change to the use of anti-biotics, therefore if your child receives an anti-biotic drop they would still be required to remain excluded from nursery for 24 hours.

Trips/ Visits

We are delighted to announce that Angela from Abricabeats has just won the Raring to Go award for Best Baby and Toddler class in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Congratulations to Angela for her fantastic dance, movement and drama classes! Angela has been attending on a Tuesday afternoon this term. The days change each term to give all the children in the 3-5 room an opportunity to enjoy the experience provided.

The 2's room children went off to Hoddles on Wednesday 25th of April. We had so much fun in the play area, and all the staff and children were tired out on their return to the nursery, having enjoyed climbing up and down the centre, particularly enjoying the large chute. We all had a snack at Hoodles, with staff had some of the complementary tray bakes to re-boost their energy.

The children had a wonderful time being on the bus, and we got to see lots of the countryside, spotting several animals, and of course we enjoyed the obligatory sing song.

The pre-school children went off to Satrosphere on Wednesday 21st of March, where we were introduced to some simple science in a short show, as well as making the most of all the free play activities available. Satrosphere is highly educational whilst being fun, and a recommended trip for a rainy day. Fun and learning for both adults and children!

We are planning a trip to Balmedie beach for our summer trip on Tuesday 26th June. We plan a fun filled day at the beach with a picnic, sand castle making, ball games and much more.

Learning Experiences

There have been lots of calendar dominated activities this term, including St Patricks day, Mother's day and Easter, where children have shown real creativity with a huge variety of arts and craft taking place to develop lots of skills. Children have enjoyed collaging, painting, printing and much more. Out with that, the following has been enjoyed by the different age groups:

0-2 room

Some of the children brought in their own stories for World Book day which we enjoyed reading together. Early literacy is important for babies as it helps develop a wide vocabulary. Children improve skills, including fine motor skills, sharing skills, listening skills and posture when listening to stories, both as part of a large group and on their own. The costumes were also outstanding this year, with children ranging from Scooby Doo to the Gruffalo.

The staff have been baking birthday cakes with the children. Baking introduces simple science and mathematical knowledge to children, whilst proving a feeling of satisfaction with the end result. We also made some healthy flapjacks. At Summers we are working hard to introduce a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

The weather this term has been a real mixed bag, with a record amount of snow and a heat wave. The children loved being wrapped up to go to the garden in the snow, attempting to make snowmen, and they have also been enjoying some spring walks. Everyone has been exposed to watching the changes in their environment as they visited local parks.

We are currently learning about spring, with a couple of lovely new display boards being covered with little spring animals and some lovely collaged butterflies. Whilst making butterflies, we were able to talk about the life cycle, and in conjunction with that, we have planted some sun flowers. By looking after plants, children are starting to  have an understanding of how to look after something and what might be needed to keep the plant alive.

Kirsty also bought us some mew kitchen utensils. They are really life like, but in miniature, and we have loved playing with them. The children make lots of tea for the staff, which is always appreciated!

2-3 room

The two's room did a whole theme of messy play this term, introducing the children to lots of textures they have never experienced before, and some familiar ones. We enjoyed play with foam, playdough, gloop, Gelli baff and even oats, with the children being encouraged to learn new words through their new experiences. We combined different materials together, observing the changes in the original material, therefore introducing simple sciences.

We all took photos of our mummies in for 'show and tell', which allowed the children to tell us why they loved their mummies. Responses included "she has purple cheeks", "I love my mum because she's my mum".  'Show and tell' helps develop confidence in the children, as well as a sense of pride. The children enjoy having something from home that helps them link their home and nursery life, and allows them to tell their peers about their personal experiences.

We learnt about spring animals, and the children enjoyed creating all the little animals that had been born in a variety of ways, which included the use of paints, collage, pens and much more, as well as learning about what they like to eat and the sounds that they make.

Throughout April and May, we have been focusing on the development of colours and shapes with the children. They all enjoy identifying the colours of the rainbow, as well as mixing up some colours to create new ones.

We have been collaging shapes, as well as printing several shapes together to make new designs and shapes.  Children have proven to have a good knowledge of shapes and colours throughout, both of which have been developed through the topics.

We are currently learning about traditional nursery rhymes.

3-5 room

Before heading off to Satrosphere this term, the pre-school children focused on learning about space. They are now able to identify many of the planets, and it was great to see the children name them when they saw them up high at Satrosphere, showing off their knowledge.

The children learnt about being an astronaut, tasting some real life space food. Children were encouraged to be weightless as they walked on the moon. This is a great way to improve gross motor control for the children as it proved quite challenging to walk slowly across our pretend moon after stepping out of the craft. We also learnt facts about stars, and how the moon and sun pass the planet earth.

Children used materials, including books and the internet to research information about sightings of aliens. Using literature for different purposes is a valuable lesson to install in young children. Children develop an understanding that books are not only fun, but also expand our knowledge.

When revisited, it was easy to see the development in the children after focusing on space for so long. When asked what do we know now?, answers included "You can't float, there is no gravity", "Pluto is a dwarf planet", "the planets are in the solar system" and more. All quotes can be seen in the current floor book. We would love for you to take a look.

The children helped flip their own pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. They were guided by staff as they tossed them into the air in the cooled frying pan. Children enjoy creating their own food, which provides a sense of satisfaction, and can encourage children to try new foods.

We learnt a little about the Winter Olympics, including what games were involved and some of the rules of the games. We made our own ice skates to take part in a race in the room.  Children in the pre-school room are very aware of their own health and safety, so we spend time talking to children about the risks of activities and creating risk assessments for keeping themselves safe. We discussed some of the dangerous sports taking place in these Olympics, with children stating the bob sleigh or 'skiing off a really big hill'.

We are currently learning about books and stories.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 628862


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