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Term 4 Newsletter

Term 4 Newsletter – April 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to all our new families.

Thanks for all the lovely cakes and chocolates given to staff over Easter - as per usual we have all manged to put them to good use!

Well done to our "Design an Egg" champions. There was such a high standard of work this year that it proved very difficult to judge. Congratulations Laurie, Sam and Frankie.

Staff Changes

We have welcomed our new Cook, Lynette, since last term. Lynette was a Manager at a local take away deli. She has been trained to a high standard by our previous Cook, Stephanie. We have already been enjoying some of Lynette's specialities, with a particular favourite being her scrumptious roast potatoes.

We have also welcomed Meave to the team. She has recently completed her third year of primary teaching and will be joining us for the summer.

Staff Training

Congratulations to Rachel MacDonald who has now completed her level three training. Rachel produced a high standard of work throughout and has always proven to be a highly capable Nursery Nurse.

Rachel Patterson and Natasha Cuthbert are doing well and are both very close to completion.

The standard of work produced by both candidates has also been highly commended by their assessor.

Kirsty-Anne has now begun her SVQ Level 4 Social Services, (Children and Young People). We wish her good luck with her professional development.

Other training that staff have taken part in this term includes:

  • Schemas
  • First Aid
  • Curriculum for Excellence
  • Inclusive Environment
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviour and
  • Let's Play Outdoors

Trips & Outings

Abricabeats will be alternating visits on a Friday and a Monday this term. We try and change the days each term to allow for all the children to have an opportunity to enjoy the music and drama class.

Congratulations to Angela of Abricabeats who has made it to the final three in the category "Best Baby and Toddler class" in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. You can vote for Angela at http://smartsurvey.co.uk/s/r2govote . The link can also be found on the Summers Nursery face book page.

The Pre-school class have recently enjoyed a trip to the Zoology museum. The children really enjoyed being able to explore the animals and gardens. We were able to touch the animals, much to the disgust of some of the staff!  We explored the different textures, sizes and appearances, from lizards to swans… and we even saw a tiger!

The two's room are visiting MacDuff Aquarium on Friday 12th May. All children involved will have received a letter.

We have continued to visit our Wee Green Space on a weekly basis.

A summer trip for the pre-school children will be planned in the near future and will be followed up with a letter.

See dates for your diaries below for Graduation dates, and again we will follow up with a letter for all children involved.

Improvement Plan

This is the final term of our current Improvement plans. Both have proven to be very successful so far and will continue to be a big part of the nursery going forward.

Improvement Area 1 - Transition Procedures

Children and parents have been offered a more intense transition process. Parents seem to have appreciated an informative handbook containing relevant information that they can take home and go through. The handbook has contained information including staffing, routine, relevant policies and curriculum information.

We have noticed a difference in some of the children by having a couple of visits before the big move. All transitions have been noted on your child's personal Information Learning Diary (ILD) giving you an informative description of how your child has been throughout their own transition.

Building the Ambition states "Transitions can also be exciting and challenging but it is still essential that these are handled sensitively, inclusively and positively"


Improvement Area 2 – Making Use of our Local Community (Wee Green Spaces)

Children are still enjoying the Wee Green Space.

We are watching the seasons change and how it's changing the environment. There is certainly less mud and lots more flowers. The use of the space is improving the Health and Wellbeing of all the children involved. They are understanding risk, and working together as a team.

Interactive Learning Diary (ILD)

The ILD's are being well used by parents, providing a vital link between home and nursery. We love reading observations about what the children have been learning at home.

Please sign up if you haven't already, it gives a real insight into your child's life at nursery.

Please feel free to see a member of the management team if you have any difficulties.

Pre-Birth To Three

Please join us for our annual Pre-Birth to Three evening on 29th May at 6:15pm in the Baby room.

You will have a chance to take part in activities and develop a good understanding of how we are learning through play.


This year our annual charity will be supporting Barnardo's. Barnardo's is the oldest and largest children's charity in the UK. They offer over 900 services with 8000 staff and at least 15000 volunteers who are aiding thousands of vulnerable children all over the world. To find out more information, please contact https://www.barnardos.org.uk.

On Saturday 3rd June we will be holding our annual Sports day at Westburn Park at 10:30am- 12pm. All proceeds raised will be donated to Barnardo's.

Thanks to everyone who bought their bacon butty on Friday 24th March, we hope you all enjoyed it.

We raised £38.84 For Thomas.

Policies of the Term

Each term, the nursery focuses on certain policies. These policies are available for parents to read at any time. The policies are displayed in the front vestibule for parents to read and comment on if required.

Please note all policies have been part of the annual review so any comments will be gratefully received.

  • Confidentiality
  • Infection Control and
  • Additional Support Needs


Please make sure your child always has weather appropriate clothing to enjoy outdoor play in.

Clothes and shoes should be clearly labelled to ensure they are always returned to their rightful owner.


The nursery follows the NHS Grampian Guidelines for infectious diseases, so your child will only be allowed to return to nursery after any required exclusion period. Please also inform us of any illness your child has. Information is displayed on the front door advising parents of the actual confirmed or suspected illness when present in the nursery. Please be aware that if your child has been prescribed an antibiotic, then we will require him/her to stay at home for a minimum of 24 hours after the first dosage. If your child has vomiting/diarrhoea, then he/she can come back to nursery 48 hours after the last episode.

The use of paracetamol should be kept to a minimum to allow the build-up of a natural immune system. If the nursery feels parents are using these products too often, then we will advise parents to seek professional medical advice. Paracetamol can only be administered for a maximum of 3 consecutive days, after which medical advice should be sought.

Changes to Personal Details

Please can you make sure that the nursery is made aware of any changes to your personal details so that you are always contactable. Forms are available from the office if you require to change any of the information we hold. Please note all parents should have confirmed and signed off their contact details form as part of our bi-annual check.

Pre-School Leavers

Please remember that a four week, written notice period must be given for your leaving to head off to school to ensure your deposit is refunded off your final bill.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax Free Childcare Scheme, which will replace existing voucher schemes. These close to new entrants April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut off date. Information is available to parents at the following websites:-




Please alert nursery staff as to if and when your child will be on holiday. This will allow us to accurately plan for staff holidays.

Children's Play & Development

We have offered a variety of activities this term. We have enjoyed lots of Easter activities, including learning the Christian Easter Story. 

0-2 Years

The babies made some lovely Valentine salt dough footprints to take home to their loved ones. The children were involved in initially making the simple salt dough recipe by measuring and mixing the ingredients all together.

We also created a lovely canvas and boxes to take home to our mummies for Mother's Day gifts.

The children participated in finger painting, which develops fine motor skills and control, as well as helps to develop the children's descriptive language. Children described the paint as being "slimy" and "cold".

Whilst learning about Pirates, we hunted for treasure in the sand tray, where some of the ladies had hidden some shiny gold coins.

The children are currently really keen on Trolls and Frozen, so we bought a new CD to dance to. The children… and staff have been showing great moves! The children have the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, their balance, coordination and listening skills all through dance. Of course the familiar songs are also building on the children's vocabulary as they sing along intensely.

We have really enjoyed using the aqua beads. The children were able to play in them and watch them gather water and grow throughout the day. By the next morning the children were surprised to see how much the beads had grown. They are always a popular sensory activity.

In the coming term, children will continue to enjoy plenty of walks in the local areas and garden play, as well as taking part in spring activities and creating some craft for all the daddies for Father Day.

If you have not provided the room with a photo for the Family tree, please do so. The children love to look at pictures of their families whilst at nursery.    

2-3 Years

The two's room children made a lovely canvas for all their mummies, with a mixture of foot prints and finger painting, with a lovely poem.

We have taken part in some baking activities this term. The children really developed their maths skills during baking activities, using both counting and number recognition. Baking activities also begin to develop an understanding of simple science, understanding the process of mixing, and the difference of the mixture before going to the oven and after leaving the oven.

We have made a great use of the garden, developing the children's abilities to ride the bikes. Lots of children have progressed in this area, many of whom are now starting to use the pedals. We do have some bikes with no stabilisers that we will introduce once the children have developed their balance.

The children have been using the compare bears to develop their matching and sorting skills. The compare bears allow us to categorise into either size or colour, with some children being able to cope well with both, for example being able to identify a large, red bear.

We have learnt about nursery rhymes this term. Rhyming is an important skill that children develop to increase their understanding of purposes of language. It's nice to hear the children relaying some of the old classic rhymes.

This term our topics include Spring, Vegetables and Colours.

3-5 Years

Children in the pre-school room have been working hard on shape recognition and formation. The children's ability to recognise and identify shapes has improved greatly, with some starting to develop their knowledge of 3-d shapes.

We have been really pleased with how the children are progressing with simple addition, as well as subtraction also for some of the children. In general, the children have been using building blocks to help them add the numbers together and this is now progressing to mental maths for many.

We have enjoyed learning about the Christian Easter story, and children have been really enthusiastic about re-telling the bible story with great knowledge and detail.

Many children have taken home their seeds that were planted in nursery this week. The children showed a good understanding of the fact that the seeds need water and light to grow. This helped us encourage children to be aware of their own health and wellbeing, thinking about all the things we need to grow.

Our project on bridges allowed us to develop a good understanding of different types of materials. The children built different structures with different materials, and this developed their problem solving skills, as well as helped them understand simple engineering. The children worked well as a team, taking part in turn taking and sharing.  

We are currently learning about nature, including a huge variety of animal knowledge. Children have been learning about birds, varieties of spiders, animals that hibernate and much more, developing their understanding of the world around them.

Please feel free to have a look at our Floor book in the room to discover everything we have been doing and how each individual activity is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence, ensuring that play converts to education.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery manager

01224 628862



Dates for your diary

  • 2's room trip  - 12th May 2017

  • Graduation Photos – date still to be confirmed

  • Pre-Birth to Three Evening  - 29th May 2017

  • Sports Day – 3rd June 2017

  • Graduation – 23rd June 2017


  • Parents Evening – date to be confirmed

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