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Term 4 Newsletter 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope you all had a good Easter break, and enjoyed eating several Easter eggs. Welcome to any new families who have joined us.


At the beginning of April we said goodbye to Kirsti when she moved to Perth with her partner.

We welcomed Jennifer Mackie to the team at the end of March. This is a new career for Jennifer - she has a passion for childcare, and I'm sure you will all join me in welcoming her to Wee Rascals Too. Jennifer will be working in the Busy Bee room on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

We also welcomed Jodi Devine to the nursery as our new Kitchen Assistant. This follows Elaine Gunn moving to Wee Rascals to take up the position of Nursery Cook.


We have arranged a Pyjama day for Thursday 4th May to raise money for Barnardo's, our Charity of the year. Barnado's is the UK's leading children's charity for vulnerable children and young adults. They offer over 900 services with 8000 staff and at least 15000 volunteers who are aiding thousands of vulnerable children all over the world. To find out more information, please contact https://www.barnados.org.uk

Sports Day this year will be on Saturday 3rd June at the field behind Kintore School. Sponsor forms will be issued in due course. We will also be having a coffee morning at the nursery on Sunday 27th August, so more details will follow nearer the time. All money raised will go to the Barnardo's.


Stephanie, Rachel, Lana and Allana all continue to work towards their SVQ 3 and are doing really well.

Lana, Alana, Allana and Jennifer recently attended Child Protection training.

Trips and Visits

The Busy Bees went to Castle Fraser in April. It was a really fun afternoon, including a bug hunt and a picnic snack. The weather stayed dry, which was brilliant.

We were visited by Lorna Ross on April 3rd. She spoke to the Cheeky Monkeys and the Busy Bees about the importance of handwashing, and brought in a special UV lamp to allow the children to see the bacteria.

Angela from Abricabeats will now alternate her visits to the Busy Bee room between a Tuesday at 2.30pm and a Thursday at 12.30pm. Congratulations to Angela who has made it to the final three in the category "Best Baby and Toddle class" in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. You can vote for Angela at http://smartsurvey.co.uk/s/r2govote

Little Bunnies

The Little Bunnies have had a very busy term, and have covered a wide variety of topics. They started off with a topic about 'Exploring'; they planted seeds in our greenhouse. The children had flowers in their messy tray and used a magnifying glass to explore the textures and colours.

The Little Bunnies then went on to learn about 'Storytime'. The children listened to the Gruffalo story and took part in 'We're going on a bear hunt' roleplay. They painted and collaged some of their favourite characters, such as Peppa Pig, The Gruffalo and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The Little Bunnies also focussed on 'Shapes'. The children practiced their shape awareness using the shape sorter and the shape puzzles. They also took time to practice their balancing skills on the triangle stepping stones.

The Little Bunnies moved onto learning about 'Spring'; they went for a walk around Kintore to explore the local flowers and nature. The children sang songs about spring, such as 'Sleeping Bunnies' and 'Mary had a little lamb'. Using paper plates, the children made animals with paint and other materials.

The Little Bunnies learnt about Easter and decorated their own Easter eggs using paint and glitter. They used glittery eggs to have an egg hunt in the garden and bounced the eggs up and down using the parachute.

Most recently, the Little Bunnies have learnt about 'Transport'; they played in the mud with the small toy cars, and they practiced their gross motor skills in the coupe car.

Cheeky Monkeys

During the past few months, the Cheeky Monkeys have been learning about some exciting topics, and have taken part in a variety of activities. They learnt about 'Weather'; the children discussed lots of different types of weather, and the clothes they might wear to coincide with the weather conditions. They discussed colours whilst making handprint rainbows using colourful paint. On a rainy day, the children participated in music and movement, exploring how to move their bodies to different weather sounds. The children made summer fruit cones, and they were encouraged to be independent when picking the fruit and carefully cutting it up before putting it into their cone. This was enjoyed as a lovely treat for snack!

The next topic the Cheeky Monkeys covered was 'My Family'. The children spoke about who was in their family and looked at pictures of different families. The children brought in pictures of their families which they helped to cut up and put onto a family tree, which is displayed in the room. The children have enjoyed pointing out their families to staff. The Cheeky Monkeys also practiced their counting skills, looking at pictures of families and identifying how many family members there were.

The most recent topic in the Cheeky Monkey room has been 'Spring'. The Cheeky Monkeys were able to take advantage of the nice weather and go for walks, looking for flowers and for any sheep, cows or horses around Kintore. Whilst on their walks, they discussed the importance of road safety. The children made bird feeders for the garden, and enjoyed watching from the window as the birds came and fed. There were lots of arts and crafts on offer throughout the topic including making chick masks, blossom pictures and symmetrical butterflies. The Cheeky Monkeys participated in an egg hunt around the garden and decorated their own eggs to celebrate Easter.

The Cheeky Monkeys have introduced a 'Cheeky Monkey Star Board'; this is used to promote positive behaviour within the room and is an introduction for when the children move up to the Busy Bee room, and are introduced to the Rainbow Chart. The children receive a star as a reward when sharing, helping others, tidying up or being a good friend.

Busy Bees

The Busy Bees have had a very busy term learning about Dinosaurs! They are now able to name lots of different types of dinosaurs, and can say what they eat and where they live. Some of the Busy Bees impressed staff by naming dinosaurs such as Ornithomimus and Apatosaurus. The Busy Bees have been practising letter formation when writing the names of the different dinosaurs, and have enjoyed using the plastic alphabet letters to form the dinosaurs names. They enjoyed spending an afternoon as palaeontologists, discovering dinosaur eggs and chipping away at them to recover the dinosaurs hidden inside. They also researched how long a T-Rex was, and enjoyed measuring themselves against this - it took 9 Busy Bees! On a rainy day, the Busy Bees made salt dough bones and hid them in the soil in the messy tray. They then took part in a bone hunt, finding the different colours and sorting them into groups.

As Easter approached, the Busy Bees enjoyed lots of craft activities - they made feathery chicks, decorated eggs and made chocolate nests with golf eggs in them!

Interactive Learning Diary

Please ask if you are having any trouble accessing your child's ILD. Parents are able to make observations of your child and comment on any observations made by staff. There is also an app available for Parents to download.

Parents Evening

Parents Evening will take place on Tuesday 13th Juneat the nursery. Please keep an eye out for time slots on the room doors.

Pre-School leavers

Please remember that a four week written notice period must be given for your child leaving to head off to school to ensure your deposit is refunded from your final bill.

Eco Schools

We continue to work towards our Green Flag award. This term we are focusing on Biodiversity. We will continue to discuss with the children how much they know about biodiversity, and what we can do to change and help the nursery in regards to biodiversity. We will be making bird feeders and insect houses this term. Look out for our Eco tables at Sports Day and our charity events!

Use of Calpol/Paracetemol

Calpol should only be used for a fever or pain relief. We would like to remind parents that Calpol (a paracetamol product) should only be administered for up to 3 days only, after which advice should be sought from a medical professional. It is important that paracetamol be given at the correct dosage as stated on the bottle, and should not be combined with other products containing paracetamol. If your child does not have a fever after we have checked their temperature, or does not have any painful symptoms as outlined above, then is some cases we will not administer Calpol to your child after it has been signed into nursery and this will be explained at collection time.


The nursery follows the NHS Grampian Guidelines for infectious diseases, so your child will only be allowed to return to nursery after any required exclusion period. Please inform us of any illness your child has. Information is displayed on the front door advising parents of the actual confirmed or suspected illness when present in the nursery. Please be aware that if your child has been prescribed an antibiotic, then he/she can only return to nursery 24 hours after the first dosage. If your child has vomiting/diarrhoea, then he/she can come back to nursery 48 hours after the last episode.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme which will replace existing voucher schemes which close to new entrants April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available for you to read from the following sites:-



Dates for your diary

Monday 29th May Graduation Photos

Saturday 3rd June Sports Day

Friday 23rd June Graduation

Sunday 27th August Coffee Morning

Wednesday 8th November Photographs

Session Times

Wee Rascals Too is open from 7.30am 6pm Monday Friday.

Our morning session is 7.30 1pm

Our afternoon session is 1pm 6pm


Our website gives lots of information to keep you up to date, please visit www.summersnurseries.com

Kind regards

Claire Rizza

Assistant Nursery Manager


tel 01467 633994

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