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Term 4 News



Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! As I sit here writing this, it is currently snowing!! You would never believe it is spring! Let’s hope it doesn’t last and the sun starts making an appearance.


You may have noticed we are having a little Wee Rascals baby Boom at the minute! See below for all our pregnancy news…..

Little Bunnies

Louise Brown will be leaving us to have her baby; Louise’s last day will be Tuesday 9th May. We would like to wish Louise all the best. We will keep you all posted on the arrival of her little boy.

Tyler Webster is also expecting a baby! Tyler is due to have her first baby in September.

Nicole Stephen joined our team on the 18th April. Nicole is an experienced Nursery Nurse and has taken over from Sarah Lawson. Nicole will be here Tuesday – Friday 8.15am – 6pm. I’m sure you will join us in welcoming Nicole to the team.

Busy Bees

Gemma Gove is also expecting her first baby – Gemma is due her little boy in October.

Charlotte has now gone off on Maternity leave; it’s getting very close to her due date so we are just sitting by the phone waiting for her news! We have had Louise Scott join the team in Charlotte’s absence. Louise will be working Monday, Tuesday and Friday all day and a Wednesday morning. Louise has also jumped on the baby boom and will be expecting her first baby in October too!

Huge congratulations to all the girls on their exciting news!

Staff Training

Chloe Muirhead (Cheeky Monkeys) has now started her Level 3 training.

Amber Piekarski (Busy Bees) is still working to finish off her Level 3 and is very close to the end!

Tyler Webster and Louise Brown (Little Bunnies) both continue to work their way through their level 3.

Outdoor Play

As usual, the weather can still be very unpredictable! Can you please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear each day for outdoor play. The nursery will provide sun cream for the children - we use Nivea for children (50+ very high).  If your child can not use this sun cream, then please can you provide the nursery with an appropriate sun cream that can be kept at nursery. The girls do their upmost to ensure all children get outside each day so having clothing suitable for this is very much appreciated.

Dates for your Diary

29th May 2017– Pre-school graduation photos will take place in the morning at nursery. If your child does not attend nursery on a Monday, a time slot will be allocated to you in the near future.

3rd June 2017– Sports Day! Sports day will be held at the playing field behind Kintore School on the 3rd June at 10:30am - 12:00pm(ish). You will all receive a sponsor form prior to this - this year we are raising money for Barnardo’s, which is the oldest and largest charity in the UK, aiding thousands of vulnerable children all over the world.

7th June 2017 – Parents Evening. All parents will be invited along to parents evening. 10 minute time slots starting from 6.15pm will be allocated to each parent to come along and meet with their child’s key worker if they wish. A report will be created and available to you prior to parent’s evening.

9th June 2017 – Pre-school Graduation. This will be held at Kintore Hall at 3.30pm. Any children that are due to graduate and do not attend nursery on a Friday, we ask that they are dropped off to the hall at 3.15pm to be robbed up J

9th Nov 2017– Tempest photography will be a nursery for the day to do the annual photos. These can be individual, family or with a sibling and make for great Christmas presents.  A sheet will be displayed with various time slots to choose from nearer the time.

2nd December  - Christmas Fayre. We will be holding a Christmas Fayre at the nursery on Saturday 2nd December at 1.30pm. We have a vast amount of stalls booked for the day and we have also sent Santa a letter to ask if “you could make it along on the day also….. “ - fingers crossed!!

We are looking for any volunteers to help out at our face painting stall for Sports Day - this is always the most popular stall, so the more creative hands we have the better. If you would like to help out then please see your child’s Room Leader or myself.

Permission forms for all of the above along with more information will be given out nearer the time.

Car Park

Can we please ask that everyone takes extra care when using the nursery car park. It is our priority to ensure the safety of all service users at all times. Leaving your cars unattended and switched on or driving too fast on entering/exiting could cause an accident, which I’m sure you will all agree is not what we want. Can I also ask that you only take up one space at a time when parking so we can get maximum use of spaces for all parents at busy times. Thank you.

Front Door

I understand how awkward it can be to close the door on another parent or how frustrating it might be when someone closes the door behind them and no let you into the building, but I can’t stress enough how important your children’s safety is to us here at Wee Rascals. One of the ways we control the safety of your children is by monitoring who enters the building and to do this we need to ask that NO ONE allows anyone else into the nursery without a member of staff being present. As difficult as this might be, I’m sure you all agree that your child’s safety is far more important than a minute of awkwardness. I really appreciate your support and understanding with this.

Use of paracetamol

We would like to remind parents that Calpol (a paracetamol product) should only be administered for no more than 3 days to a child, after which advice should be sought from a medical professional. It is important that paracetamol be given at the correct dosage as stated on the bottle, and should not be combined with other products containing paracetamol. Calpol should only be used for pain relief eg stomach/teething pain or fever.


The nursery follows the NHS Grampian Guidelines for infectious diseases, so your child will only be allowed to return to nursery after any required exclusion period. Please inform us of any illness your child has. Information is displayed on the front door advising parents of the actual confirmed (or suspected) illness when present in the nursery. Please be aware that if your child has been prescribed an antibiotic, then he/she can only return to nursery 24 hours after the first dosage. If your child has vomiting/diarrhoea, then he/she can come back to nursery 48 hours after the last episode.

Busy Bee Topics

When I wrote the last terms newsletter, the Busy Bees had just started to learn about People who help us. The children received a visit from a Nurse called Sian; she spoke to them all about her job and how she helps people. Sian is a heart nurse, and this really interested the children - they learnt a little bit about how the heart works, and they got to try on some bandages and plasters. We also spoke about the dentist and our teeth before going onto to talk about teachers and how we think it might be when we go to school.

We then moved onto ‘The world around us’. The children showed an interest in vehicles so we learnt about different types of transport and some road signs we see when we are out and about. Some of the children went for a walk to discuss the World around them; we saw lots of flowers so we had a big discussion about flowers and how they grow.  

Our current topic is ‘The Beach’. So far we have discussed how the sea water is different to the water in our homes and how sand is made! We have also spoken about and learnt about different types of sea creatures and how they live - we even spoke about mermaids!

We are almost ready to move onto our next topic which will flow into Dinosaurs. Some of the children have been asking if dinosaurs live on the beach or under the water…….. look out for what we discovered about dinosaurs in our next newsletter. If you don’t want to wait that long you can see all about our topic on our learning wall above the children’s pegs.

Cheeky Monkey Topics

The Cheeky Monkeys having been extremely busy this term during our ‘Road Safety’ topic. We looked at different road signs and discussed their different shapes. The children also went for a few walks where they were counting how many cars they could see. During the walk, the children came across a pelican crossing so had a discussion about this and learnt how they work.

Next, we went onto ‘Seasons’. After discussion about all the different seasons and telling the boys and girls what season we are currently in, the conversation led to flowers, so the children created their own paper plate flowers. They also focused on colour recognition during this topic whilst creating their own flowers and making rainbows.

We then went onto learn about ‘Billy Goats Gruff’ after we had a visit from the Development Worker who came to put on a puppet show for us. The children were all very eager to build their own bridge for the puppet show on Billy Goats Gruff. The children helped to find things around the room to build with - this included blocks and cardboard. When we were out in the garden, we used the balancing beam to create our own bridge and we all practiced our balancing skills.

Our next topic was ‘Space’, where the children learnt that you need to wear a space helmet if you want to go up to space in a rocket. We created our very own space helmets using Paper Mache.   

After space, the Cheeky Monkeys started to learn about ‘The Night’, where we spoke about the difference between day time and night time. The children also told the ladies they have to “brush teeth” before bed and that ”it’s dark” at bed time.

Next, we started to discuss ‘The Farm’. We spoke about all the different types of animals we might find on the farm and learnt that we get our milk from a cow. The children also helped the ladies to plant some vegetables in the garden and pretended it was their own little farm.

We are now currently on the topic ‘My Family’, where the children are creating a My Family tree with pictures.

Little Bunnies Topics

We were learning about China at the end of the last newsletter. During this topic we practised cutting using the children’s scissors and also turn asking whilst doing some baking.

After China we went onto learn about ‘Transport’. The children were learning about shape recognition whilst talking about the different shapes of transport. They were also developing their physical skills by using the coupe cars out in the garden and testing out their navigation skills J

‘Spring’ was our next topic where we learnt about animals that are born in Spring and the sounds they make. The children also took part in a bug hunt in the garden using their sight and imagination whilst participating.

After Spring followed ‘Easter’ - the boys and girls took part in a matching game, practised their colour recognition and got creative with the playdough.

We are now learning about ‘Disney’.


Angela from Abricabeats will be visiting between a Tuesday at 2.30pm and a Thursday at 12.30pm this term. Congratulations to Angela who has made it to the final three in the category “Best Baby and Toddler class” in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. You can vote for Angela at http://smartsurvey.co.uk/s/r2govote

Eco Schools

Our next Eco Schools meeting will be held on Thursday 11th May in the Cheeky Monkey room at 5.15pm. We would love to see some new faces there so please feel free to come along. The meeting will last between 15 and 30 minutes. A letter has gone out to all parents inviting them along.

Policies of the Term

Each term, the nursery focuses on certain policies. Policies this term are:-

9. Child exclusion policy for Behavioural issues

13. Fire prevention and control

31. Starting Nursery and room transitions procedure.

You will find a copy of these policies on the parent’s notice board by the main hall - these policies will be swapped to the above as of 24th May 2017. Parents are welcome to read our policy folder at any time.

Pre-School Leavers

Please remember that a four week written notice period must be given for your child leaving before heading off to school. Thank you.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme which will replace existing voucher schemes which close to new entrants April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available for you to read from the following sites:-



Kind Regards

Rachael Farman

Nursery Manager


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