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Term 4 News



Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to all our new families who have joined us at Wee Rascals. We are looking forward to getting to know you all.

We have been lucky enough to have a few nice days this spring so far, hopefully it's a sign of what's to come for the summer!


Little Bunnies

Tyler Webster, who is currently off on maternity leave expecting her second baby, has subsequently decided not to come back to work, so we wish her all the best. We are in the process of appointing a new permanent member of staff in Tyler's place.

Busy Bees

Gemma Gove, also on maternity leave, has made the decision not to return to Wee Rascals after her maternity leave in June. Gemma and her family moved house and the commute is just a bit much for Gemma and Ashton each day. We want to wish Gemma all the best.

Jade Webster (maternity Room Leader) will be heading off to have her baby on the 17th May. We are delighted to let you all know that Amber Piekarski has been appointed the maternity Room Leader position in Jade's absence. Amber will take over the role of Room leader on the 28th of May. We hope you join us in congratulating Amber in her promotion. Once a replacement has been appointed for Amber, we will let you know.

Staff Training

Chloe Muirhead has now received her level 3 certificate! Chloe has worked hard to gain her level 3, so a big well done to Chloe!

Outdoor Play

Although we are into spring and we have had some nice days, the rain always makes an appearance! Can you please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear each day for outdoor play. The nursery will provide sun cream for the children - we use Nivea for children (50+ very high). If your child can not use this sun cream, then please can you provide the nursery with an appropriate sun cream that can be kept at nursery. The girls do their upmost to ensure all children get outside each day so having clothing suitable for this is very much appreciated.

Dates for your Diary

Last term I gave you some brief information on up and coming dates, so I just wanted to give you some further information on these dates.

Graduation photos 28th May- All children leaving to go to school are invited along to get their photo taken with their graduation gowns and hats on. We will do individual photos as well as one group photo. This will happen on Monday 28th May at 12.30pm. For any children not at nursery on this day, can we please ask that you come in for 1.00pm to have your photo taken. (Please remember this does take some time as the children need to get individual and group photo's).

Parents evening 13th June Parents evening starts at 6.15pm. We will be handing out letters in the near future asking for a time that's most suitable for you. We will try our best to get you booked in as near to your desired time as possible, but this is not always possible.

Graduation 28th June Graduation this year will take place at Wee Rascals nursery. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a dry day so we can hold this in the garden. But if the typical Aberdeenshire weather makes an appearance, we will have this indoors. Graduation will take place at 4.30pm. For any school leavers not at nursery on a Thursday afternoon, can we please ask that they are dropped off at nursery at 4.20pm.

Sports day 30th June Sports day will be held at the Kintore Playing field behind Kintore School and will start at 10.00am and finish no later than 11.30am. We will have lots of different sports activities:- beat the goalie, lucky dip, face painting/tattooing, and 'guess how many sweets in the jar', and a snack table. We will make an agenda prior to the day and post it on our Face book page, as well as display it in the nursery so everyone is aware of what race will take place when. If you wish to have a paper copy, please just ask. Money raised will go towards our yearly charity www.befriendachild.org.uk This charity supports children from 4-16 from troubled family backgrounds.

Letters for the above will go out nearer the time.

Busy Bee Topics

The children have just finished their Zoo topic. This has been a long topic due to the level of interest the children have shown.

The children decided to use technology to look into which animals live on a farm, and which at the zoo. We found, that in the farm, there are horses, sheep, cows, ducks and chickens, and at the zoo, they would see bears, tigers, elephants and giraffes. Everyone chose their favourite animal and drew their interpretation of it. We also used tiger's stripes to practice our counting skills.

We wanted to extend our literacy throughout the room, so we made an animal alphabet during this topic. The children came up with what animal they wanted to make with each letter. There were some tricky letters such as N! We used the internet to search for some animals that began with N and found a Narwhal, Newt, Nightingale and Numbat. The children picked their favourite one to create which was a Narwhal.

The boys and girls made a zoo animal fact book. We watched a clip on You Tube about Zoo animals, and then the children wrote 4 facts about each animal to create the fact book. Some facts included "Lions live in groups called prides and they live in Africa", "Tigers are the biggest in the cat family", "Hippos can breath under water", "Elephants are the biggest animals on the land" and "a Giraffe sleeps standing up" Everyone demonstrated some great literacy skills.

Some of the children said they had never been to a zoo before and wondered where they could find a zoo they could visit. We used a map of the UK to have a look at all the places we could visit a zoo, and marked it off on the map. We then used the internet to find out how long it would take to drive to each one! We discovered that if we wanted to travel to the Zoo on the Isle of Wight, we would also have to take a boat to get there!! Our findings told us that Edinburgh Zoo is the closest one to nursery, being 2 hours 49 minutes drive away.

We have now finished the Zoo topic and moved onto People who Help us, after children showed a lot of interest in fire engines. We have some visitors lined up to come and see the children and talk about how they help people in their jobs. We are looking for more people to come in and chat to the children about their job in relation to this topic. If you have a job in this area and would like to give up a short amount of your time, please come see me or a member of staff to arrange a time and day that suits you.


We are delighted to announce that Angela from Abricabeats has just won the Raring to Go award for the Best Baby and Toddler class in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. A huge congratulations to Angela for her award winning music and movement class! She will be attending the Busy Bees on a Thursday at 12.30pm this term.

The Wednesday children attended a trip to Satrosphere on the 18th April. They learnt about Dinosaurs, having the opportunity to see bones, as well as dig for remains in the sand! The children also had their lunch there.

We are on the process of organising another trip for the Busy Bees, so information will be going out shortly.

Cheeky Monkey Topics

The Cheeky Monkeys thoroughly enjoyed their 'My Body' topic. The children all showed a high level of interest in this. We discussed all the body parts and what they are used for. We did an eye chart activity, where the children looked in a mirror and identified what colour of eyes they have. They were then encouraged to write their name on the chart under the right colour. We turned the house corner into a small hospital and learnt about how to check and look after parts of our body.

We then moved onto 'Noah's Ark', as the children showed an interest in animals and boats. We built an ark using the Duplo, and everyone practiced building complex structures, using good fine motor and imaginative skills throughout. The children were active during the 'Animals go Marching in' activity.

For our 'Food' topic, the children participated in a food tasting activity. This included foods such as avocado, tomato and melon. They spoke about foods they liked and disliked, and were good at trying a new food. We did an 'Our favourite fruit and veg chart', where the children decided which foods they liked and disliked, and then put these into columns.

We went onto 'Easter' which was a small topic, baking chocolate nests, and the children helped to measure out the cornflakes and chocolate. They used a big spoon to mix the ingredients together, practicing their skills. We did an egg matching colour activity, recognising the colours of the eggs and matching it to the egg of the same colour.

For our 'spring' topic, we used different sized shapes to form flowers, which helped with shape recognition. We encouraged the children to use natural resources linked to spring to do painting activities such as broccoli painting, fork painting pictures, and printing with flowers. The children realised they can use so many materials to mark make.

We moved onto the 'The garden' which followed on from spring. We looked at the book 'How a flower grows', where we learnt each stage of a growing plant, and sorted theses stages into the right stages of growth. There was a discussion about how we look after flowers and help them grow. We did a mini beast hunt out in the garden and the children took pictures of the beasties they had found and tried to identify the names of each one.

This prompted our topic about 'Minibeasts'. The children enjoyed practicing their counting skills by counting spider images. We did a spider web activity where they helped make a web on the floor with string. Children used their gross motor skills and balancing skills to walk along the thin string. This was really fun.

Little Bunnies Topics

We looked at Transport, with the children using their creative skills to make complex structures such as cars out of the duplo. They developed their physical skills by playing a traffic light game, where the children threw coloured bean bags into a made up traffic light which had three cut out holes.

In the garden, we used the ride on cars, moving the coupe ones. There was a balance beam activity where we took the balance beam into the baby room, which the children really enjoyed!

We did some baking, making our own traffic light biscuits, which developed measuring and pouring, as well as co-ordination and concentration.

For art and craft, the children used the small world cars to drive through the paint and make tracks, and we made our own roads out of cardboard, using the cars with them. We also used bubble wrap as a runway for the aeroplanes, and the children made their own hot air balloons.

In the messy tray, there was a car wash, bottle top boats sailing, diggers and mud, as well as shaving foam.

We then moved onto 'Colours and Shapes'. For this topic we covered shape recognition, colour recognition, matching and reciting, even getting in some colour mixing.

We painted with the wooden blocks, forming different shapes and sizes, and the children also enjoyed an ice painting activity.

We took out the peg boards, puzzles and shape sorters which develop the children's fine motor skills and pincer grasp.

In the messy tray, we had all the different coloured foods we could find, such as sweet corn and peaches, oranges and carrots, hair gel and hot chocolate, mushy peas and tinned tomatoes.

The children also made their own pancakes to take home.

After that, we went on to 'My Body'. We did a food tasting activity for the sense taste, and the children tasted watermelon, lime jelly, Pom bear crisps and mango. We also made sensory trays, and the children stepped into them.

We did a kids yoga activity which involved us doing stretches in all directions with our body.

We did naming our body parts and pointing to them for the younger children. They all enjoyed 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes'.

For messy play, there was toothpaste and toothbrushes, hand print paintings, body painting, cotton bud skeleton pictures, as well as washing the babies in the water tray. Throughout this topic we made Mother's day cards with each child.

We moved on to 'Going on a Bear Hunt' next. For this topic the children acted out the story by listening to it, and doing the actions along with it, for example, we pretended to go through the long swishy grass etc.

We held a teddy bear's picnic and the children came in to nursery in their pyjama's which we incorporated into a fundraiser for our charity of the year, 'Befriend a Child'. We made paper plate bears and built a cave out of our loose parts. We did baking for our pyjama party and had them on sale for the parents to buy. We hid the teddies that the children took in and they had to find them around the room.

In the messy tray there was cornflour and coffee, mud, sticks and grass, green spaghetti, water, sand and we made play dough with the children.

After that, we moved onto 'Spring', where the children learnt all about the spring animals and their babies. We made rainbow blowers out of half plastic milk cartons and tissue paper - the children enjoyed running around with them, making the tissue blow behind them.

We made hand print chicks and cotton wool lambs, as well as paper plate caterpillars and butterfly prints. We did cotton wool peg prints for the sheep and had a bunny footprint trail, where the children were to use the bunny prints as stepping stones and stand on them. Some even managed to follow the instructions to stand on the 'Red' ones or the 'yellow' ones.

Suzanne collected stones from being at the beach during a weekend, and the children enjoyed painting them to look like ladybirds.

The children used their feet to make baby carrot pictures and they made their own fruit and veg out of the play dough. Throughout this activity, Easter cards were made to go home and we had an egg hunt out in the garden.

The boys and girls enjoyed our sheep shearing activity, where they had to scrape of the shaving foam from the sheep picture.

In the tough spot, there was a farm made up with weetabix as bales, and coco pops as the mud, as well as sand, and blue cellophane as the water.

Next was 'Nursery Rhymes', and we concentrated on developing the children's jumping skills when trying to be speckled frogs. They also did number recognition when counting out the five little ducks. Everyone practiced their ball skills when playing bowling with the ten green bottles.

We did 'Row, Row, Row your Boat' role play, where the children sat with their feet together holding hands and rowing back and forth - they loved it!

We built Humpty Dumpty's wall with the large wooden blocks, and made a paper bowl Humpty to sit on the top, so when we sang the song, the children knocked Humpty off the wall.

In the water tray, the children used the tea pot to develop their pouring skills, and they used shaving foam and paint for Little Bo Peep. They also made star wands which they enjoyed running around with.

In the messy tray, there was straw and animals, play dough, and pipe cleaners to make spiders, as well as yellow spaghetti with tin foil stars.

Our latest topic is 'Under the sea'.

All activities that the children have done within the day can be found on our learning wall. These pictures are updated on a daily basis. Once taken down from the wall, they are put into the floor books which you can find in the plastic box under their pegs.

Eco Schools

Our next Eco Schools meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th at 5.15pm and will be held in the Cheeky Monkey room. We would love to see some of you attend this meeting, as new ideas and help are always welcome in this area.

Policies of the Term

Each term, the nursery focuses on certain policies. Policies this term are:-

3. Open access to information

12. Health and Safety

36. Sleep Room Procedure

You will find a copy of these policies on the parent's notice board by the main hall. Parents are welcome to read our policy folder at any time.

Care Inspectorate

We had our inspection back on the 21st March and I am pleased to say all went very well. We are however still waiting to receive our report from the Care Inspectorate. As soon as this is available for you to view, I will let you know! Thank you for your lovely words in the questionnaires that some of you filled out from the Care Inspectorate, along with the positive verbal feedback given to the team on the day of the inspection. It's really nice to hear how happy you all are at Wee Rascals.

Pre-School Leavers

Please remember that a four week written notice period must be given for your child leaving before heading off to school. We also offer additional sessions during the period of leaving nursery and starting school full days. We offer half days with lunch, half days without lunch or full days if needed. A letter will be given out in the near future informing you of timings and fees if you wish to use the service.

Kind Regards

Rachael Farman

Nursery Manager


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