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Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Newsletter 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to all the new families who have joined Summers over the last term. We are really enjoying getting to know you all.


We have welcomed Maria to our team this term. Maria is a qualified Nursery Nurse and has been employed as a relief, helping us out, as and when required. She already has been an asset to the team, making good use of her time and getting to know all the children.

Rachael is our National Certificate student from Aberdeen College this year. She started her placement doing one full week, and now attends the pre-school room on a Wednesday.

Lucie will be heading off on maternity leave at the end of the year, allowing for Julie- Anne to increase her hours to full time in the Baby room. We wish Lucie lots of luck and look forward to welcoming another Summers baby to the family.

Jelena will return after the Christmas break, working Tuesday and Friday full days, and a Thursday morning. We are looking forward to her return and can't wait to get to know little Filip, too.

Staff Training

Aberdeen training book has been published since the last newsletter and staff have been taking full advantage by attending many courses, some of which are:

  • Introduction to Pre-Birth to Three
  • Introduction to Autistic Spectrum
  • The Adult Role in Play Work
  • Common Induction 
  • Child Protection


Training is selected for staff in accordance with:

  • Staff need for core training
  • Staff identified developments
  • Staff particular interests

Staff who require re-fresher courses of First Aid and Food Hygiene will attend courses at the beginning of 2018. 

Erin is continuing to study for her BA in Childhood Practices with Aberdeen University.

Staff are required to attend a maximum of 50 hours training over a 5 year period to remain registered with The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), and record this through their detailed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) files.


If your child is in his/ her pre-school year, or is 3 years old before 28th February 2018 then you have an entitlement to funding on the term after his/her third birthday. Please see myself or Erin for further information if required.

Stay and Play

Some of our parents attended 'stay and play' sessions, and feedback was positive. It's a great opportunity to allow parents to see children in the nursery environment with their peers, and during this term we also rolled out 'stay and play' to our Wee Green Space. It was great to see how many parents attended and how many were happy to get stuck in whilst we were there.


St Swithin Street have raised £949 for Barnardo's this year, and this will go towards all five Summers Nurseries who have just completed all the events and activities which have taken place throughout 2017. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and congratulations for your contributions. Barnardo's is such a worthy cause and your help will aid needy children throughout the world. To find out more, visit www.barnados.org.uk.

Policies of the term

Our policies of the term this term are;

  • Policy 10 – Child Protection Policy
  • Policy 17  – Food Safety and Management System
  • Policy 25- Additional Support Needs  

These policies are displayed at the front door for parents to view.


Please make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing at all times. All children should have indoor and outdoor shoes. Clothing should be clearly named to ensure items are always returned to their rightful owners.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all up to date information, including menus, daily activities, 'show and tell' dates and much more.  You can find us at Summers St Swithin.

Development Plans/ Questionnaires

We have collated all the questionnaire results this year and have used these to influence change and development. Firstly our results were very pleasing, with 94% of parents grading the overall care offered by the nursery as 'Excellent' or 'Very Good'. As a team, it is good to see that families who attend the nursery recognise all the hard work that goes into giving a high standard of care.

Comments include:

"All staff seem very good at their jobs"

"Every time I visit, children are always busy and there is lots going on"

"I find everyone very friendly and caring. I feel that they enjoy their work and apply themselves."

We have displayed a new "you said", "We are" board so you can see how we are allowing constructive criticism to influence our practice. We have also displayed our new Development plans which we are happy for parents to contribute to.

Plan 1

We are trying to continuously improve the use of the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD). We have begun this plan by re-issuing the ILD details to parents, and since then all parents have now registered!!

We would like to add daily activities more often in conjunction with developmental observations so parents are able to discuss with their children what they have done that day and also look at ways they could continue the learning at home.

We will be encouraging the children in the 3-5 room to contribute more to their own ILD so they have a sense of ownership with it and perhaps suggesting what activities and information they would like recorded and shared.

Plan 2

Plan 2 has been created to focus on outdoor learning. We plan to create outdoor bags that encourage more learning experiences during garden play.

We plan to add to the garden, more open ended, natural play equipment. We received some tyres from the local garage already and would be happy to accept any other materials, for example old pipes, crates etc.

We had a week of parents visiting the wee green space, and feedback included:-

 "Good to see the children playing outside amongst the trees and greenery"

"It was a very good and safe environment for kids who would normally not have such an adventure"

Tax Free Childcare

Summers Nurseries are now signed up to receive Tax Free Childcare Vouchers, so when looking, please select Summers Nursery at Victoria Street as provider, as we share an account.

www.childcarechoices.gov.uk  www.childcarevouchers.co.uk/Documents/CCV_whatshappening_2017.pdf

Change of Personal Details

Please remember to keep your child's details up to date, including change of address, phone numbers, medical details etc. forms are available in the office if you need to make a change. We will continue to update details biannually.


Information will be displayed on the front door advising parents of actual confirmed/suspected infectious illness if present in the nursery. Please inform us of any illness your child has, and follow the required exclusion.

Trip and Visits

Angela from Abricabeats has been attending on a Thursday afternoon, offering dance and drama to the children in the 3-5 room. The Scottish Government are putting a huge emphasis on the importance of creative play for young children which offers opportunities for children to explore, allowing them to see what they are capable of, as well as allowing them to assess their own risk, feel a sense of achievement, build confidence and much more.

We have lots of activities planned for the Christmas period, including a trip to the panto…. and a trip to the Lemon tree with the Ante pre-school children.

All children involved will be given individual consent forms for each trip.

0-2 room

In the Baby room, we have enjoyed lots of nice autumn walks, and latterly the children have loved splashing in the puddles in the garden. Fresh air is an essential part of development to ensure for a healthy lifestyle.

Children have been developing their fine motor skills with the help of the wooden puzzles and  sorters, as well as using their problem solving skills, where they try the pieces in a variety of ways before successfully putting them in the right way.

The kitchen, as always has been very popular. Children are provided with some real utensils to use whilst they pretend to cook dinner.

Lots of different materials have been used for arts and crafts, including felt pen Pudsey bears, painted snowmen and Robin red breasts, as well as sticking and gluing Santa letters.

We have been enjoying story time, with 'Dear Zoo' being a favourite. Early reading is so important to develop skills which include pincer grip when turning pages, language development through discussing the book, and social skills, which include listening and turn taking. Reading story books in a group activity and on a one to one basis develops relationships, giving good quality time with staff and peers.

As always, there has been lots of explorative play, and children have enjoyed playing in dry foods, shaving foam, sand and water during supervised activities.

2-3 room

We have been focusing on learning about shapes in the 2-3 room, and the children have enjoyed printing with shapes, with a variety of coloured paints, which allowed for a full discussion on identifying each of the shapes.

We printed with some bubble wrap, too, and created lots of circles. To encourage the development of the children's palmer grasp, we did some shape collaging, using brushes to spread the glue and then sticking on the desired shape.

Children enjoyed a variety of shape games, including matching and sorting games which encourages the children to socially interact with each other and develops turn taking skills.

Autumn offered lots of opportunity for discussion, where children could see the leaves on the trees falling off, and the colours changing dramatically.

We had an opportunity to take part in lots of structured natural play with pine cones, conkers and leaves, where children painted and printed with them.

Halloween was great fun, and we all dressed up for a spooky party, and danced lots to spooky tunes, supporting the children to follow instructions, develop their listening skills and gross motor skills.

The children have really embraced the 'show and tell' we have. They love having their moment of talking to others about something that is familiar to them, with many gaining confidence through speaking about their item(s). Keep an eye on Facebook and the Toddler room door for weekly dates.

3-5 room

The children thoroughly enjoyed our autumn topic and were excited at witnessing the changes outside. Thank you to all the parents who brought in some natural resources for our autumn collection. We had lots of fun creating pictures with them and exploring them whilst discussing our senses.

For Diwali, we talked about the festival of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, as some of our children were celebrating it at home. We created some firework pictures and investigated how it is celebrated around the world.

For Remembrance Day, some of the children were curious about why people were wearing poppies, so we did some learning about the background of the poppy and how it is important today. We created our own poppies using apples to print and paint.

Pre-school were very excited about Halloween this year and we had some fantastically scary costumes! We particularly liked Angie's pirate costume and all of the fun activities Angie planned for the day. We created lots of art and craft for Halloween and Bonfire night using a variety of materials, including collage. The children had discussed fireworks and the safety issues that occur around them. Children thought of ways they could stay safe.  

Through the children's interests, we decided to learn about Space.  We created a space station in the children's house corner, and this has been particularly popular, and has provided opportunities for role play and imaginative play. The children have been gaining knowledge about different planets and are able to discuss details from the planets.

We have had a variety of puzzles, computer games, role play and space yoga activities throughout the topic, and all children participated very well.

Angela our dance teacher has also been doing space dancing with us, and we have loved learning new songs and using a variety of musical instruments.

Kind regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager

01224 209966



Please note if your child is involved in any of the dates below you will have been informed in writing.

All children are invited to the annual Christmas parties. Children in the 0-2 room who do not attend on a Thursday should be accompanied by a parent/carer

Dates for you Diary

  • Thursday 7th December – Carol singing at the old folks home
  • Tuesday 12th December – Ante- Pre-School Trip to the Lemon Tree  
  • Wednesday 13th December – Christmas Lunch
  • Thursday 14th December – Pre-school trip to His Majesty's Theatre to see the panto (Aladdin this year)
  • Monday 18th December – 3-5 Room Nativity
  • Thursday 21st December – Christmas Parties
  • Friday 22nd December – End of term (nursery re-opens Monday 8th January)


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