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Summer Newsletter

Wee Rascals Too

Summer Newsletter - July 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Summer is finally here, and we have been embracing the beautiful weather we've been having lately!

I'd like to warmly welcome our new families, and I'm glad you have settled well into Wee Rascals Too.


Lana Brown is now working full time in the Busy Bee room, and works Monday Friday, with a Thursday off.

Charity- Pyjama Day/Sports Day

In May, we had a Pyjama Day to raise money for Barnardo's, our charity of the year, and we successfully raised 75.00!

June saw our annual Sports Day - the turnout was brilliant and a great day was had by all. We are delighted to announce that we raised 792! This was raised through selling snacks on the day, face painting, various activities and sponsors. This is fantastic and we are so grateful for your generosity and support. The money raised will also go to the Barnado's charity. Thank you to everyone who completed and returned evaluations also. Out of 16 returned, 11 of you rated the morning as excellent, 3 very good, and 2 good. Some of the comments and way forwards were as follows:-

"Well organised day, thank you to all the staff for doing it!"

"Well organised, watching the kids have fun. It was clear the children had all been practising and knew what to do. Full credit to the staff for the preparation involved to help the day go smoothly. There was nothing we did not enjoy."

"Fab job girls!"

"There was mass participation in the event, including nursery staff. Thank you so much for giving up your weekend time to put on such a well organised event".

There was a suggestion to have clearer start and finish lines, using for example cones, so we will look at this for next year.


Stephanie, Rachel, Lana and Allana all continue to work towards their SVQ 3 and are doing really well.

I'm continuing to work towards a BA in Childhood Practice.

Parents Evening

Thank you to everyone who attended Parents evening, which gives you the opportunity to discuss your child's progress. We will be looking at hiring larger adult size chairs for next year's Parents evening.

Throughout the year, parents are able to read their child's ILDs' and make any comments/observations if they wish. Please feel free to discuss any points, and if you have any trouble accessing it, then let me know.

Reduction of hours for school leavers

A letter has now been put out to all school leavers regarding sessions required when your child starts school. We are aware that the first few weeks of school are half sessions, and some parents may still require childcare for the remainder of the day. Any sessions required at nursery can be used up until your child starts school on a full time basis. An additional 12.00pm to 6.00pm session is available only to school leavers, and we would appreciate if you could indicate which session you may require, so please speak to myself regarding this.

Menu Changes

We have made some slight changes to the 5 week menu for the children's lunches and snacks, and swapped over some of the soups as we noticed the children were having soup mainly on Friday's! These changes will take place as of 7th August.

Trips and Visits

The Cheeky Monkeys visited Wynford Farm for their summer trip. They had lots of fun indoors and outdoors. Particular highlights were holding a snake, feeding the pigs, before playing on all the equipment in the sunshine.

In June, the Busy Bees went on a trip to the Fairy Woods at Fedderate. This was a very 'hands on' experience for the children (and adults) as they explored the different fairy doors, and followed clues to find the next fairy. The trip was rounded off with a cup of hot chocolate made over a fire, and the story of 'Stick Man', which all the Busy Bees were familiar with!

The Little Bunnies have been making the most of the sunny afternoons, and going on lots of walks around Kintore.

Our Development Worker, Margaret Bennett, has been visiting the Cheeky Monkeys and Little Bunnies. She has been singing songs, reading stories and introducing the children and staff to Loose Parts Play. We are still looking for some items for our Loose Parts Box, which can include; plastic bottle tops, pine cones, and yogurt pots.

Little Bunnies

The Little Bunnies have had a very busy term, and have covered a wide range of topics. They started the term by learning about the Zoo. They had a variety of animals in the water and messy trays, which the children were free to explore. They collaged and painted pictures of different animals, and practiced animal noises with the use of flash cards. They also made a giant lions head using different materials! This is still on display within the Little Bunnies room, so please have a look!

The Little Bunnies then moved on to learning about the Beach. They had beach balls in the room, and they practiced throwing and catching. The children got creative and made palm trees, buckets and spades, shells and clouds for the Beach wall display.

The most recent topic covered has been Summer. The children have been very busy with this topic! They made fruit ice lollies using strawberries and kiwis. They had sun themed messy plays using custard, yellow peppers and yellow water! There was a bouncy castle in the Little Bunnies room, which the children loved. The Little Bunnies spent time in the garden, planting sunflower seeds.

The Little Bunnies are moving on to learn about Minibeasts, after a trip to the library bus, where the children chose books about bugs!

Cheeky Monkeys

The Cheeky Monkeys have been busy this term, and have welcomed new children moving up from the Little Bunnies room.

We have been learning about animals. During this topic, the children used animal flashcards to identify different animals, and learnt about the noises they make. The children used Cheerios to make giraffe pictures, practising their counting skills as they counted how many Cheerios they stuck on. They also used their feet to make animal tracks.

The children then moved on to learning about The Farm. They explored food which comes from farms through messy plays and food tasting. They used corn on the cob to paint pictures, and using different coloured tractors, the children developed their matching and sorting skills. The children enjoyed making cow masks and pigs using paper plates.

After learning songs about fish, the Cheeky Monkeys are moving on to learning about Under the Sea.

Busy Bees

This term we have welcomed lots of new Busy Bees moving up from the Cheeky Monkey room. I hope you are all settling in well into your new routine!

The children worked hard in preparation for Sports Day, practising the races and encouraging team spirit!

This term has seen the Busy Bees learn all about vehicles. The children had lots of questions, and this led to discovering what makes vehicles go, different types of vehicles, their speed and what they can be used for. The children have enjoyed using the new Mobilo to build lots of different types of transport, using as many wheels as possible! The children participated in a variety of craft activities, drawing pictures of how they get to nursery, and creating transport pictures using Hama Beads. Discussions took place on the different types of emergency vehicles and what they are used for.

The children recently requested to learn about Animals. This began by introducing the children to Arctic animals. The tuff spot was transformed into a jungle, which the children enjoyed exploring. They are looking forward to learning about different animals.

The Busy Bees continue to help the nursery progress with Eco Schools. They have been planting lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden and in the greenhouse, and are proud to watch them grow.

Improvement Plans

We continue to work on developing our nursery as an Eco Schools environment. We are working towards our Green Flag award, and hope to achieve this soon. We are also continuing to focus on developing the children's literacy knowledge, in particular the children in the 3-5 room.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme which will replace existing voucher schemes which close to new entrants April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available for you to read from the following sites:-




June saw the Busy Bees hold their annual Graduation ceremony. This was really well attended and we were really proud of the children. They sang songs loudly and each accepted their certificate proudly. We will miss them all, and wish them all luck in their school adventure.

Policies of the Term

Every term, we select certain policies to focus on. Our policies are available for parents to read in the front hallway. Please ask myself or the Room Leader of your child's room if you have any trouble locating them.

The policies of the term are as follows:-

13 Fire Prevention and Control Policy

23 Child Lifting Policy

16 Baby Feeding

Dates for your diary

Sunday 27th August Coffee Morning

Wednesday 8th November Photographs

Christmas Closure The nursery will close on Friday 22nd December at 6.00pm and re-open on Monday 8th January 2018 at 7.30am.

Our website - www.summersnurseries.com has information regarding dates, show and tell etc.

Kind regards

Claire Rizza

Assistant Nursery Manager


tel 01467 633994