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Wee Green Space Rota

Group 1 - Monday

Jo-Anna                            Archie

Femi                                   Anais

Clara                                  Ethan


Group 2- Tuesday

Mariame                           Neve

Luke                                 Joseph

Zoe                                   Noah

Group 3 – Wednesday

Lauchlan                         Holly

Stelios                             Angus

Saorise                           Abby

Group 4 – Thursday 

Oliver                            Nelson

Finn                               Tommy


Group 5 – Friday

Elysia                                    Parker

Hamish                                  Aris

Julia                                      Matts


Wee green space rota


Group 1

Tuesday25th Sept 

Group 2

Wednesday 3rd Oct

Group 3

Thursday 11th Oct

Group  4

Friday 19th Oct

Group 5

Monday 22nd Oct

 Group 1 

Tuesday 30th October 

Group 2

Wednesday 7th November 

Group 3 

Thursday 15th November 

Group 4 

Friday 23rd November 

Group 5

Please note: sometimes we are unable to attend WGS for various reasons but all staff do try their best to ensure the sessions are rescheduled or the children attend on a different trip. We apologise in advance if it is cancelled but due to weather, staff to child ratios etc. these things can not be helped.

Kind Regards

Preschool Team 

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