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Term 2 Newsletter


NEWSLETTER 2017 – Term 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

The dark mornings and nights are here and Christmas is creeping up on us! To be honest, I love this time of year! Even more so now I have my own little boy to teach the magic of Christmas to! I hope you are as excited as we are about Christmas!

Staff News

Little Bunnies

We are looking forward to welcoming our newest member to the team in December. Kelsey will be joining the Little Bunnies, now covering Nicole's maternity position. Kelsey's expected start date is 4th December 2017, and she will be working 7:30-6.00pm Monday – Thursday.

Just when we thought the Wee Rascals baby boom was over, Louise Brown who is currently off on maternity leave is expecting again, however Louise isn't just adding one more baby to her family, she is adding two!! Louise is expecting twins in 2018.

Busy Bees

We are also delighted to tell you that Jade Webster is expecting a baby in June 2018! This will be baby number 2 for Jade, and big sister Mya is over the moon!

It's also with a sad heart that we inform you that Charlotte Robertson has decided not to return to work after her maternity leave. Charlotte is relocating with her family to her home town in England. We would like to wish Charlotte, Donald and Clara all the luck in the world with their new adventure.

Staff Training

Chloe Muirhead (Cheeky Monkey's) continues to work her way through her level 3. Chloe is getting on very well, and will hopefully be finished early 2018.

Louise Brown and Tyler Webster also continue to work through their level 3 whilst on maternity leave, and are both near the end. They hope to have their certificates by the end of 2017!

Outdoor play

As the winter draws in, we would like to ask that you ensure your child has have warm outdoor clothing at all times, please. As you know we go out in all-weather, however we want to ensure everyone is kept as cosy as possible. Waterproof suits and wellies would be fantastic if you have them, however jackets, hats, gloves and scarfs are essential at this time of year. Can we also ask that you ensure there is a full change of clothes in your child's nursery bag at all times. Thanks.

Eco School

We are looking to achieve our Green flag award.  The girls have been really busy making up action plans for everyone who is on the eco schools committee.  There is a new wall display in the front hall that shows the various activities the children have been involved in.  All evidence is now put into floor books which can be found out in the hall under the wall display.  We are always looking for new members, so if this is something that interests you, then please contact one of the girls within you're room.  We are currently transforming our garden so that there are various areas such as numeracy and mathematics, literacy and language, so any ideas will be more than welcome.


Just a short reminder that every child has an ILD (Interactive Learning Diary) that is added to by the girls in your child's room on a regular basis. Everyone has had a letter and reminder letters giving you a password so that you can access your child's diary. If you still haven't set this up and would like to, please come and see myself or Suzanne. You can also add your own information to these for us to see. This can be anything from new things children have learnt, things you are working on, or things they enjoy doing etc. We love to see parents' comments, so the more the merrier!    

Parental Questionnaires

Thank you to everyone who completed and returned questionnaires. We are pleased to announce that 60% of you rated the overall quality of service as Excellent and 35% as Very Good. Some of the comments included:-

-       A wide range of activities, toys and outdoor opportunities are available

-       The nursery has been a wonderful environment for my child, she has come on leaps and bounds since starting

-       Rachael and Room Leaders are excellent

-       Not just in my child's room but throughout the nursery, the staff are great and always hands on to help with any issues

-       I am always happy with the level of care and development that my child receives at nursery

-       I would highly recommend the nursery to others

We really appreciated your comments and suggestions, and we will continue to use them to improve the service we provide through our Improvement plan.  We are in the process of updating our new plan as we have now completed mark making, however one of the points we will be covering will be the use and development of the children's Interactive Learning Diaries.

You will find out all you need to know about the nurseries Improvement plans on the allocated wall in the hall way next to the Busy Bees boxes. We have the plan pinned to the notice board along with pictures and information about how we are meeting the plan and how the children have been involved with improving the required area, as well as taking your suggestions on board and moving forward.

End of day feedback

The girls like to give informative feedback at the end of the day, and we are progressing towards telling you more about what your child has learnt throughout his/her day at nursery.

You will find a daily post on Facebook and a board in the front hall informing you of what was on offer for snack and lunch. The 0-3 rooms also have daily care information, as well as information regarding eating habits written in the daily sheets which we like to share with you. 

Busy Bee Topics

Transport - throughout this topic the children have been learning about all the different types of transport, from things on the road to things in the sea! In groups, they did a sorting activity, where they had to identify what transport they thought they would find in the sky, in the sea and on the road.

Shape recognition was also an area we were working on throughout this topic, learning about the different road signs.

During this topic, some of the boys and girls visited the transport museum, where the children saw lots of different types of transport, some of which was very old fashioned! We saw a short clip about old police cars while we were there, and spoke about how vehicles have changed since then. A highlight of the transport museum was getting to go on some of the vehicles; in particular the penny farthing! The children had great fun discussing the trip and expressing their opinions about all that they saw once we were back at nursery.

Halloween - As well as learning about Guy Fawkes and Halloween, children enjoying participating in slimy activities. They helped to create a Halloween slime bag using hair gel and googly eyes. Once the bag was sealed all the children had a turn of exploring it and discussing how it felt. We also discussed the life cycle of a pumpkin, using the internet to discover how pumpkins are made. Once the children discovered that it grows from a pumpkin seed, they were then able to identify that the seed would need water and food to help it grow.

Space – The children are showing a great interest in our Space topic. We have used the internet and books from the library to explore this topic, and when discussing what we know about space, the children were able to tell us about the different planets, the moon, sun and stars. They also enjoyed drawing their favourite planet, as well as creating their own shooting stars using paper and cellophane, and during this activity, we spoke about what a shooting star is and who had seen one before.

We have had a visit from Zoo lab this term, with lots of different animals for the children to see, such as a snail, spider, snake and some cockroaches; we even got to touch some of them if we wished! The boys and girls were very good a washing their hands after touching each animal and also being very good at staying quiet so the animals didn't get scared. When each animal was taken out of its home to see the children, their keeper would tell us all about the animal, what it ate, how many legs it has, how they protect themselves etc.

Abricabeats has been visiting on a Wednesday morning this term.

Cheeky Monkeys Topics

Autumn –We spoke about what happens in autumn and how the leaves fall off the trees. We went for a walk to explore all the leaves and see if there were any left on the trees. We collected some conkers and leaves, and managed some excellent pictures using the autumn materials, discussing the various colours.

Weather –We discussed various weather types and made our very own weather chart, and the children made their own sunshine using paper plates and paint.

The Night– With the dark nights coming in, the children started showing an interest in why it was dark when they were at nursery, discussing the time change, and how getting dark earlier doesn't mean we have to go to bed earlier! We also practised our counting skills during this topic, counting things that we might see in the dark such as stars.

Halloween/Bonfire night –There were messy activities, exploring all the different textures. The children made some skeleton pictures using cotton buds and spoke about how we have bones in our body, and where we would find some of them. The children made their own rocket pictures using a variety of different collage shapes, talking about what shape we were using for the different parts of the rocket. We also spoke about safety whilst visiting a bonfire or fire work display.

Transport – We spoke about how we all get to nursery, and the most popular was by car, with two children saying they take the bus! We made our own 'train station' in the room where we all had to "catch a train". There was a line of seats with different coloured cards on them. Each child had a coloured card and had to find their colour on the 'train' to find the correct seat.

The children were excited to tell us that they had been on an aeroplane and it went high in the sky, also telling us where they went on their holidays. One of the children told us that her daddy works on a helicopter.

With the children very interested in the snow we had last week, this naturally led us onto our Weather topic.

Little Bunnies Topics

The Night– We counted stars in the night sky, as well as participating in some bedtime yoga, which involved stretching in all different directions.

During our messy play activities, the children helped to make some moon dust, hanging stars, bats and toothpaste pictures.

Autumn– The children focused on problem solving skills, completing puzzles with little or no support, with some children progressing from insert peg puzzle to jigsaw puzzles. The children have also been practising getting themselves dressed for outside, putting on their shoes and hats.

We used some lovely autumn leaves for the children to create their own hedgehog pictures, as well as using them in the messy tray. They also used straws to blow into, creating a wind to blow the leaves around.

Halloween/Bonfire Night– The boys and girls used good hand/eye co-ordination, helping to make their own sensory bottles. They used Halloween themed sequins for some, using great pincer grasp throughout to put each sequin into the bottle top. There were some with water and glitter, and everyone did a great job, focusing when pouring the water from the jug into the bottle. The children created some ghosts using their own foot prints and white paint, and they also used some straw to make their own version of a skeleton.

The girls and boys enjoyed making their own pretend 'fireworks' using kitchen roll tubes and collage paper, choosing their own colours to stick on with the glue spreaders. We also made some pretend 'sparklers' using breadsticks, and the children dipped them into melted chocolate, then into some sprinkles to create the look of a 'lit' sparkle.

Weather– We were back to practising the art of pouring from a jug with the children, but this time into a small ice cube tray, and we then added a small amount of paint to the water before putting it in the freezer. Once the water was frozen, we used the melting cubes to create pictures. During this process, the children were able to talk about the colours we could see as the ice melted.

Our current topic is Space - you will find out what we have been doing if you check out our Learning wall next to the signing in and out sheet.    

Policies of the term

This terms policies are:

Manual Handling

Food Safety Management System

Toilet training

You will find a copy of the above policies on the parents' notice board next to the front door.

Change of Details

Please remember to inform us of any changes regarding personal details, eg phone numbers/address' so that we always have up to date information.


Information will be displayed on the front door advising parents of actual confirmed/suspected infectious illness if present in the nursery. Please inform us of any illness your child has, and follow the required exclusion period.

Tax Free childcare

In April 2017, the UK government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme, which will replace existing voucher schemes. These close to new entrants in April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from their cut-off date. Information is available to parents at the following websites.



This account is now set up for parents to use.

Uniform for Busy Bee Children

We have Wee Rascals nursery sweatshirts or tee shirts you can buy for the children. These are blue in colour and a sample is pinned to the wall above our Improvement plan board in the hall. Please ask myself or Jade if you wish to purchase a Busy Bee tee shirt or sweat shirt. They are £8 and £9 respectively.

The Dates for your Diary are located on the back page of this newsletter. Please remember that the nursery closes at 6.00pm on Friday the 22nd of December for 2 weeks, and will re-open again at 7.30am on Monday the 8th of January.

Kind Regards

Rachael Farman

Nursery Manager

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