Summers Nurseries

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We are very proud to help our chosen charities.

Summers Nurseries encourage children to be sympathetic towards the less fortunate by taking part in many charitable events throughout the year. A new charity is chosen each year and a variety of events are planned to support the chosen charity. In 2013 we raised £6,800 for Action for Children.
Presenting a donation to the Scottish Cot Death Trust charity

Each Summers Nursery passionately believes that we should do all we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves, and we look to share this ethos with the children in our care, and parents too!

Every year we select a different child related charity as the principal beneficiary of the children's fundraising activities. We hold sports days at weekends so that parents, family members and friends are all able to contribute and join in the fun. We even hold races for grown ups of all generations!

In selecting a charity we always give weight to those charities who either have or are likely to be of help to children in our care. Principal charities we have helped in recent years have included:

In addition to supporting our principal charity each year, the children also participate in ongoing fund raising events and games - eg Cash for Kids. This may involve the children in many diverse activities - examples have included baking and making pizzas, making plant pots to sell and dressing up in many weird and wonderful ways!

We also sponsor children in less developed countries through Action Aid, with whom the children exchange correspondence.