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Policies & Procedures

Admissions Procedure

All children regardless of race, religion, gender, language, culture and beliefs will be welcomed at Summers Nursery.

If a space is available then parents/carers are asked to pay a deposit of 2 weeks fees equivalent to the days their child will be attending nursery. Only once the deposit is paid will the space be secured. This will be refunded when the child starts nursery. (Please note that the deposit is non-refundable if your child does not take up the space. Six weeks notice must be given in writing for any reduction of days before your child starts nursery. Once he/she has started nursery then a normal 4 weeks notice must be given in writing for any changes requested.) A receipt will be given to the parents. A minimum of 2 half day sessions or one full day session is required. Only if a room has one half day session left will a child be accepted, but the Parents/Carers would have to agree to take another half day space when it became available. If there is no available space then the nursery will put your child’s name onto a waiting list. Contact will be made if a space becomes available.

Parents/Carers will be given an enrolment form which must be completed in full and returned duly signed by both parents and/or guardians before their child can start nursery. The Room Leader/Manager will make contact with Parents/Carers to make arrangements for settling in before their child starts nursery.

Settling in usually involves two 2 hour settling in periods free of charge. On the first settling in period the Room Leader will ensure the enrolment form has been handed back. She will discuss any special requirements with the Parents/Carers and give them a copy of the Room Routine, Baby Feeding Policy (0-2 room)/Toilet Training Policy (2-3 room) and curriculum information. The Parent/Carer will then be shown around the nursery again if required and then be encouraged to leave after about 15 minutes so that the child becomes familiar with the nursery setting. The Room Leader will then provide details to all staff in the room regarding the new child.

Added: 13 Dec 2019 Updated: 13 Dec 2019