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Child Protection

Our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of all children in our care. As such we believe we have a duty to the children, parents/carers and staff to act quickly and responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention. The nursery has a duty to report any suspicions of abuse to the Social Work which has a duty to investigate such matters. The nursery will follow the procedures set out by the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014. Our policy has been formed from these guidelines.

A Nursery Nurse's responsibilities do not include investigating the suspected abuse. However, the staff will keep accurate records of their observations and of anything said to them by the child or others in connection with the suspected abuse. It is always important to listen to children. Strict confidentiality will be observed at all times. All our staff will receive Child Protection training; this is to raise their awareness of the indicator's of abuse. It is the policy of the nursery to provide a secure and safe environment for all children.

While every effort will be made to respect confidentiality, if there are serious concerns about a child's welfare, safety and protection, it will be necessary for that information to be passed on to the appropriate authorities.

Added: 13 Dec 2019 Updated: 13 Dec 2019