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Policies & Procedures

Hours & Fees

Prices include snacks and lunch, breakfast is also optional, however children must be at nursery before 8:15am. Fees are payable monthly in advance and a minimum of four weeks notice in writing is required in the event of your child leaving the nursery or reducing sessions. There are no reductions for sickness or any other days off for family reasons. The nursery is also unable to swap days. Any extra days can only be given if there is space available, and these will be charged as extras. A minimum of 2 sessions must be booked.

Sibling Discount

Families with more than one child attending nursery attract a discount on chargeable fees of 7.5% for all children whilst two or more siblings attend nursery at the same time.

Government Funding

Children are able to apply for Government Funding from Aberdeenshire/Aberdeen City Council, usually starting from the term after their 3rd birthday. There can however be a significant window between their 3rd birthday and the start of the next funding term. A discount of 5% will be applied to chargeable fees from the month after a child's 3rd birthday and will continue until the beginning of the term in which they become eligible for a funded place. The sole purpose of this discount is to recognise this timing anomaly. This discount ceases when a child becomes eligible for a funded place.


Our fees are due upon presentation of invoice, and 4 weeks notice is required to reduce sessions or withdraw your child from the Nursery. Our salaries are paid on the last Friday of each calendar month, in December they are paid on the second last Friday.

Fees for regular booked sessions are invoiced on a monthly basis, in advance. Payments should be made by direct bank payment, vouchers or tax free childcare. Your child's name should be used as a reference with the payment. Cash may be accepted at the manager's discretion.

Working Tax Credits

Many families are eligible for assistance with childcare costs via the Working Tax Credit system. The rules governing eligibility are quite complex and very much depend upon each families individual circumstances. For further information contact your local DWP office or online here at the GOV.UK page.

Please also be aware that if you have received assistance with nursery fees through tax credits for periods which remain unpaid to us as a provider, these details may be requested by a specialist unit and you may be asked to repay these.

Late Payment Charges

A 5% late payment penalty will be applied to fee balances unpaid by the Friday prior to our salary payment date.Any reduction of sessions prior to your child starting nursery requires a six week notice period.

Late Collection Charges

If you are late in collecting your child beyond the end of the session they are attending we will make a late payment charge of £20 for the first 5 minutes late and thereafter £10 for every 5 minutes.

Voucher Payments

The nursery accepts payments from a variety of company's offering voucher schemes; including Edenred, Computershare (formerly Busy Bees), Childcare Express, Allsave, Sodexho and many more. If the total fees are covered by vouchers, then we cannot directly give cash refunds if bills are overpaid at the time your child leaves the nursery – by law these must be recovered from us by your voucher company by way of a deduction from voucher remittances.

Tax Free Childcare Scheme

To qualify both parents, or any single parent must be employed, they must not be claiming state benefits and the joint income must be less than 100kpa. The parents pay into the scheme themselves through government gateway and for every 80p they pay in, the government tops up by 20p. The money is then paid by the parent out of the scheme into their nominated childcare provider. Click here for more information.

Public Holidays

The nursery always closes for two weeks over Christmas and New Year but is open Monday to Friday for all remaining weeks of the year, including public holidays. The Christmas holiday period will usually commence from the first Monday before Christmas Day and the nursery will reopen on the Monday exactly two weeks later – exact dates are always circulated well in advance so parents can plan accordingly.

Added: 13 Dec 2019 Updated: 29 Jul 2021