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3-5 ROOM (1:8 - staff:child ratio)

This age group have their own room within the nursery. They have many daily opportunities available to them including science opportunities, ICT equipment, home corner, story corner, puzzles, mark making opportunities, small world, messy activities, arts and craft, investigation opportunities, sensory play and physical activities.

The children have access to outdoor learning on a daily basis.

The children regularly have a visiting physical/ dance specialist. Throughout term times nurseries are visited by Angela from Abricabeats on a weekly basis.

Trips and Outings:
Trips and outings are available each term to enhance the children's learning development.

Sleep time:
The children have quiet games and activities after lunch time so that those who require a sleep or rest can do so peacefully.

Children's ideas and what they have learnt are displayed on a learning wall which parents are encouraged to view.

Children have an electronic Interactive Learning Diay which contains photos, videos and observations of your child. These are available for parents to view using their unique log in details. Parents are welcome to add to their child's Interactive Learning Diary by responding to staff observations and/or adding their own observations of their child.

Plans are responsive to children's developmental needs and personal interests. Children select topics through life experiences and possible lines of development. (PLODs)

Each plan will be responsive to allow for change and to cater for individual needs throughout each topic.

The Curriculum For Excellence

Summers Nurseries follow the Curriculum For Excellence, enabling children to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributers and Responsible Citizens.It has been introduced to raise standards of learning and teaching and help improve our children's learning opportunities.

For more information on the Curriculum For Excellence click here.

Added: 20 Dec 2019 Updated: 20 Dec 2019