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3-5 Show & Tell Dates

Show and tell is an opportunity for the children within the 3-5 room take in an item/photo of what ever they choose from the topic that week and they get to show and discuss this with their ladies and peers at group time.

Show and tell is great for helping boost the children's vocabulary and confidence when in group situations as well as allowing them to feel proud and accomplished.


Monday 27.02.23 - Favourite place you have travelled to.

Tuesday 07.03.23 - Something in your garden or outdoors.

Wednesday 15.03.23 - Something beginning with the first letter of your name.

Thursday 23.03.23 - Something that is your favourite colour.

Friday 31.03.23 - A picture or drawing of your favourite meal.

Added: 01 Jan 2023 Updated: 07 Mar 2023