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3-5 Show & Tell Dates

With the current restrictions we are unable to allow the children to take items from home into the nursery.

We will be hosting virtual show and tell, where you can upload a photo/video of the item and upload it onto your child's ILD.

The children will then see the photo's that have been uploaded on the class smart board, where they can show and discuss with their ladies and peers. Show and tell is great for helping boost the children's vocabulary and confidence when in group situations as well as allowing them to feel proud and accomplished.


Monday 5th July - Yuour Favourite Song

Tuesday 13th July- Something beginning with 'C'

Wednesday 21st July - Your Favouirite Shoes

Thursday 29th July - Something Stripey

Friday 6th Aug - My Favourite Food

Added: 07 Jul 2021 Updated: 22 Jul 2021