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Inverurie - Term 4 Newsletter 2021

Newsletter – May 2021

Dear Parents,

It is news time again, just like that it is MAY! This year has flown by so far.

The weather has been teasing us with some nice and sunny day – we will all pray these will return and stay for a while, it is the least we deserve.

I would like to Welcome our new families that have joined us this year so far, we are joined by siblings of children who have previously attended and it has been so lovely to see them again.

Staff Update

Laura Duguid joined our 3-5 room when we returned in February 2021, we also welcomed back Rosie Wells within the 2-3 room in March.

Michaela Ure also joined our 0-2 room at the end of March.

Krista Wilkin who previously worked within out 3-5 room will be returning and taking over from Sarah’s position within the preschool room.

Staff Training

Gemma (0-2 room) passed her SVQ Level 3 in January and is now a qualified Nursery Practitioner

Amanda (0-2 room) has also now qualified, passing her SVQ Level 3 in March.

Adele (3-5 room) is on the last stages of her qualification also.

Melanie and Lauren are also working hard towards their Level 4 qualification.

0-2 Room Learning Interests:

After getting a plant for our room, the children took great delight in watering the plant and looking at it that we decided to do our topic on ‘Spring’. Through this topic the children have been expressing themselves through music and movement. They painted with forks to recreate ‘chicks’, we used scrunched up tissue paper and pipe cleaners to make 3D flowers. The children played in the shaving foam, using their sense of touch, we also got the children to fill their own plant pot with compost showing great co-ordination skills, in the garden we had pots, spades etc for them to dig. We also planted our own cress seeds and watered them daily and monitored the progress on how they grew.

We used our turn taking skills as well as the ability to follow instructions when making our own playdough, which once made we stuck flowers in like a ‘flower bed’. When out in the garden we used our explorers magnifying glasses and binoculars to find some spring flowers and mini beasts that were hidden.

Various craft activities were done using the pens, pencils, glue, paint through out the week. In the water tray we had pots, pans, watering can as well as our droppers, we did this outside as it was a nice day.

We then progressed onto ‘Music’ as the children just love music and dancing to any sound they hear throughout the day. Most days we took out the musical instruments and used them alongside song time, even taking them outside with us some days.

We also made our own instruments, we used cups filled with different amounts of water to hear the different noises they made when hut. We turned pots and pans upside down and explored the sounds they made. We made our own guitars from tissue boxes, pulling the rubber bands to make the sound.

We also made our own tambourines with paper plates.

The children developed their cognitive skills when doing a matching activity, the older children were able to point out the same instruments in front of them.

We had a disco one day with the karaoke machine, they all loved the flashing lights, dancing away to the songs.

For arts and craft the children used pens, pencils, glue and paint when decorating the various instrument pictures.

Our next topic was ‘In the jungle’ we chose this as the children react excitedly when they come out. One of the boys and girls loves elephants so we had a day where we focused on elephants, using them to print with in the paint and then onto paper. We made playdough and used the elephants to stamp through the ‘mud’ (playdough), we read our Elmer story books.

We took out our junk box and the children re created their own versions of animals using boxes and tubes.

The animals were hidden within the sand tray, and the children had great fun digging them out and finding them all. The animals then went into the water tray to wash them down.

For craft we decorated our own tigers, jungle scene, parrots, giraffes and lions.

Our latest topic is ‘Senses’ which we are currently working through.

2-3 Room Learning Interests:

The boys and girls have been very busy since returning, we have been using more of a child lead approach, using the children’s ideas and choices as to what we learn/focus on. The children have responded really well to this.

There is always a topic going on in the background, this was ‘Spring’. The children enjoyed making their own rain catchers, in which we hung out in the garden to measure the rainfall weekly. We discussed how plants grow, the children understood they needed light and water. The most exciting thing about this topic was the caterpillars, we watched as they grew from their cocoons into beautiful butterflies, where we then released them out in the garden.

Our next background topic was ‘Transport’, this sparked discussions on road safety, keeping safe, ways in which we can travel to modes of travel. The children enjoyed flying like aeroplanes and rolling around like wheels. We made our own glue and stick traffic lights, painted with the cars – using the wheels to mark the paper. We did finger print hot air balloons and collage aeroplanes.

We then moved onto ‘Under the sea’ as it was a parental suggestion. For this we have learned about the various types of fish, creating our own versions of these which can be found hanging in our role play area. A firm favourite has been setting up the tough tray as a beach with sand and water in, also having sand and cellophane (as the water) as well as some stones and shells.

3-5 room Learning interests:

The children have adapted really well since returning from our second lockdown, showing great maturity, in which we are so proud of them all.

We have concentrated a lot on the children’s wellbeing, ensuring their feelings and emotions come first and that they feel supported and listened too. We have added emotion mirrors, puppets and flash cards to our feelings wall, using these materials as the source of individual discussions with the children, and how certain things make us feel.

Alongside our topics we have been responsive to children’s interests, We have been looking closely at each child’s interests and furthering their knowledge by choosing activities that will challenge their abilities. This has been very popular and allows the children to feel respected and listened too.

We have explored Easter and Spring topics this term, allowing the children to learn about the story of Easter, create Easter crafts, take part in an egg hunt as well as egg rolling and we even manged to find some Easter themed yoga. During our Spring topic, we explored the different animals that would be born in this season and the children had a fantastic time getting hands on – shearing pretend sheep, exploring life cycles of chickens and frogs, using their hands/feet for arts and craft and creating their own butterfly life cycle.

We also planted our own cress and planted a few sunflowers, alongside this we learnt that names of parts of plants and what we needed to help them grow.

Moving on from our spring topic the children wanted to keep the animal theme going and we explored ‘On the farm’. We created our own vegetable patch, learned about root vegetables, how cows are milked and what their milk is used for. We also cared for a pretend duck called ‘Dave’. We also found swan lake ballet on the smart board and took part in that. We used the story creator app and made our own story about how we cared for Dave.

We have also been concentration on our outdoor space to the best of our ability – taking our arts and craft, construction and mealtimes outdoors when the sun made a nice appearance. The children really enjoy having snack/lunch outside, also allowing for a great amount of fresh air which benefits everyone.

We have focused on up dating our indoor areas, which the children have been involved in also. They wanted the house corner to turn into a doctor’s surgery, a café and an airport. We felt the construction area wasn’t being used to the best it could so we moved this around and added new things which has improved its use massively. As a room we worked together on our new ‘Golden rules’ having a rainbow theme wall display, and at the end of the rainbow is the children’s wow moments. We have also started using kindness awards, where the children have been treating their peers as they would like to be treated, and having that positive praise from their ladies.


We will continue to update our Covid-19 policy when required, so please can you read it thoroughly when it is sent out to you. Please continue to follow social distancing, wash/sanitise hands, and wear a face covering at drop off/pick up times.

It is vitally important that children do not attend nursery if they are unwell.

If your child develops any of the most common symptoms of Covid-19, then contact NHS 111 to arrange to have your child tested, informing the nursery management team immediately. Do not visit your GP, pharmacy, or hospital, and your child and household unit must self-isolate. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for the most common symptoms of Covid-19 which are Fever/high temperature (37.8 degrees C or greater), A new continuous cough, Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia).

If your child develops any of these symptoms at nursery, then parents must inform NHS 111 that the nursery has confirmed symptoms and requests the test, passing on the symptoms that the nursery has advised of. Guidance can be found at :

Parents must also be vigilant to other wider signs of their child feeling unwell, and contact their GP for advice regarding any other symptoms their child develops which may indicate Covid-19. Please also seek immediate medical advice from your GP if your child experiences any unusual tiredness/fatigue.


The nursery will not accept any medicines which contain Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which are used to reduce fever eg Calpol/Nurofen, as these can mask a temperature. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for further information re medication. If your child develops a high temperature at home, then you must still arrange a Covid-19 test even if you administer fever reducing medication which would artificially bring down the temperature.

Please do not give your child any medication which contains Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which can mask a temperature prior to them coming into nursery. If your child is teething, we advise teething gels/powders which are a good alternative and can be taken into nursery.

Your child must not attend nursery until 24 hours have passed after a first dosage of antibiotic.


Please note that if your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting then they must remain at home until 48 hours after the last episode.

Upcoming Events

  • Parents Evening – Thank you for those who returned the slip regarding a parents evening slot. We are in the process of issuing reports – The pre school room has already begun this process, Suzanne will be in touch regarding the 2’s room and the 0-2room.
  • Graduation – We are delighted to say that we will be doing something for the children heading off to big school after the summer. Unfortunately, it won’t be our usual graduation but the girls will make it as personal as they can. We will be looking to do a pre-recorded graduation, and get photos with the boys and girls in their graduation gowns. We will issue more information as soon as we organise it.
  • Sports Day – Again with restrictions still in play we will not be able to host our usual annual sports day. This year we will be doing it ourselves, within the garden. More information will follow in due course.

Suzanne Stephen

Inverurie Manager

01467 628862

Added: 30 May 2021 Updated: 22 Jul 2021