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Summer Newsletter July 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Here we are at the end of yet another academic year. We are losing many children who are all heading off to primary school. Although we will miss each and every one of them, we are 100% confident that they will excel in their school lives.

We would like to welcome all our new families to the nursery. We look forward to looking after your little ones and getting to know you all.


Our summer staff include Maeve, Kayla, Holly, Emma, Luda, Jade and Khadiza, all of whom have worked for Summers before, either throughout holidays and some throughout term times as well, with the exception of Maeve who is currently training to become a primary school teacher.

All the girls who are employed as relief staff members are trusted to continue to offer the high standard of care that our regular staff offer.

I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank you for making me feel so welcome in the nursery. I think I have mastered all the children's names by now and certainly found out lots about their personalities. I am however not quite as confident with the parents' names but most of your faces are becoming familiar.

I have enjoyed my first term here and I'm confident I will continue to help ensure the nursery goes from strength to strength.

Trips and visits

The 2-3 room visited Wynford Farm this term. It was great fun, and the children enjoyed feeding the animals, showing great excitement when they had to put the food pellets down the tubes for the greedy little piggy's. They also had a great time using all the indoor play equipment. I bet there were lots of sleepy children that night.

The 3-5 room will be shortly visiting the Fairy gardens, exploring the woods and leaving presents for the fairies in the woods. This trip will give the children the opportunity to use their imaginations and be creative. We are really looking forward to the trip, so watch out for our photos soon!

Trips are hugely beneficial to the children, as it allows for the exploration of their local community as well as helping children asses' new risk for themselves with guidance from the staff. Many children love going on the bus, as for many it's not their usual mode of transport.

We have continued weekly visits to our wee green space, as well as a weekly visit from Angela of Abricabeats.

Trips are arranged on different days throughout the year, and we make sure that all children in the pre-school room attend at least one trip in the academic year.


All funding applications should have been returned to nursery. If your child is in his/ her pre-school year or is 3 years old before 28th February 2018 then you have an entitlement to funding. Please see me if you have not been given a form.


Graduation was a great day. We managed to get through the ceremony in our wonderful back garden without too much rain. The children performed amazingly, and lots of practising had clearly taken place by all involved. Well done to the staff and children!

Feedback for the ceremony was very positive, with all of the parents saying that they enjoyed it. Some of the comments we received included:

'The most enjoyable part was watching the boys and girls come out, line up and say what they wanted to be when they grew up.'

'The most enjoyable part was the singing, obviously a lot of practice has been done. Thank you'

Parents Evening

Thank you to all who attended our annual Parents Evening. The feedback from the Evaluation forms was very positive, with all parents saying that they enjoyed the evening and would like to attend again. We will continue develop our use of the Interactive Learning Diaries, as well as give individual information specific to your child.


We held our annual Sports day on the 3rd June with our Victoria Street nursery too. A big thank you to all who attended and especially to those who took part in the races. The staff volunteer their time to hold this event so attendance from parents is hugely appreciated.

The competitiveness was fabulous with lots of glamorous grans taking part in the race this year, well done ladies!

We raised a whopping £430.90 collectively from face painting, snacks, tattoos and lucky dip. The sponsor forms collected raised a massive £320.50!! All proceeds will be donated to Barnardo's once all the annual charity events are complete.

Policies of the term

Our policies of the term this term are;

  • Policy 4 – Confidentiality
  • Policy 14 – Infection Control
  • Policy 24- Whistle Blowing Policy

These policies are displayed at the front door for parents to view and comment on.

Stay and Play

We will be arranging a 'stay and play' week in the near future. It will take place in September which will allow parents to come and see their children in the nursery environment.

Fun Day

Our annual fun day will be a family day that will raise money for charity with lots of activities and a bouncy castle. This will most likely take place in September, but we will let you know soon.


We are continuing to ensure your children's safety throughout summer by providing sun cream of factor 50 to protect their skin, as well as continuing to keep their fluids high with water breaks out with snack and meal times. Please ensure we are provided with weather appropriate clothing and a hat.

All children should have indoor and outdoor shoes.

Change of details

We have recently been through all personal contact details. Please remember it is important to be contactable whilst your child is at nursery and therefore it is essential we always have up to date details. We would also emphasise that it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes and additional information regarding your child's personal details.

Staff training

Staff are continuously taking time to complete their requested hours of "Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to satisfy their requirements of registration with Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). Training attended this term includes Infection Control, First Aid and Dealing with challenging Behaviour. Aberdeen City Council provides with new training opportunities at the beginning of the academic year.

Interactive learning diary

We have been having increased success with parents signing up to use the Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) so that you can remain up to date with your child's development. Please ask myself or Erin if you require new details.

We love seeing the pictures of your child at the weekend. Any learning experiences shared with us on the ILD can be developed further by nursery staff.

Holidays and Leavers

Please let us know if you're taking holidays. It's a massive benefit for the nursery to create staff rotas that reflect how many children are expected that day, and also allows staff to take their annual leave.

Please note it is essential to provide us with a four week written notice period for any child leaving the nursery to guarantee return of your deposit.


We have opened a new Facebook page, and have invited everyone back to be our "friend", so if you haven't already done so, and you would like to, then please join us on 'Summers St Swithin' to follow our day and collect lots of information including menus, daily activities, 'show and tell' dates and much, much, more.

Food from Home

The nursery provides all children with a balanced diet that has been fully investigated through the use of the NHS Setting the Table document. Children under one year old should be provided with their own breakfast, and children under 2 years old can be provided with an evening meal from parents also. Out with those circumstances we ask that no other food is provided to the nursery. This helps us ensure the health and safety of all the children in our care, in particular the children with allergies. The nursery does not accept any nuts or food items containing nuts.


Please could I ask that all parents provide their children with nappies when requested. It is difficult for the nursery to provide nappies to children whose parents have not provided, as we only have a short supply of spare nappies and these run out quickly, when they should be reserved for emergency use only.

Please could you also ensure that the nursery is being provided with nappies rather than pull ups or nappy pants.

Side Gate

Please do not use the side gate in the garden. For children's safety, it is essential that all parents enter and exit via the front door.

Children's play and development

Each of the rooms has been undertaking a variety of planned activities - to meet the children's needs and spontaneous activities relating to the children's interests;

0-2 room

We have introduced a new routine into the Baby room which we are all getting into the swing off and it seems to be really benefitting the children. You can view the routine on the parents' notice board in the room and if you have any questions you can ask a member of staff in the room who will be happy to help. Having a routine in place for the babies ensures consistency and familiarity with the babies and staff and enables a happy environment for all.

We have been participating in various topics in the past few months, including 'What the Ladybird heard'. This topic was chosen as it was a very popular story book for the children. We created lots of lovely wall displays and discussed various animals throughout the topic.

Our senses topic was a very popular topic also, with the babies enjoying a variety of activities to use their senses. The babies particularly liked our texture trays in which they walked through with bare feet and a variety of materials.

Just a quick reminder, we have a new supplies board. Please remember to check this on a daily basis to see if your child requires more nappies, wipes or cream. This has already been successful so far so thank you for your cooperation.

2-3 room

The Toddler room has also introduced a new daily routine which is proving to be going very well. You can see the new routine along with our new parents' notice board located at the top of the stairs. We will also display our new supplies list where you will be able to see what your child requires, such as nappies, wipes or cream. We have been working lots with the children to promote more independence when getting ready for outdoor play. We have been learning a jacket magic trick that is very popular with both the children and the parents.

Over the past month, the Toddlers have shown an interest in snails in the garden. We have expanded this and have been learning about what snails like and how they live. We have a new floor book which displays all the learning that the children have been doing, along with our learning wall which is displayed in the room. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to have a look at either of these new things in the room.

We are now on a new topic of colours. We have been looking and learning about primary and secondary colours by creating lots of art and craft, colour matching games and we have lots of colour books in our story corner for the children to read. We will continue to look at colours until the children's interests change.

We are looking to create a homelier feel in our house corner. We are asking parents if they could bring in some photos of the children at their own homes and of their families to make the area more inviting and connected to their own home environment.

3-5 room

Pre-school have been busy this term with a variety of topics studied. Our mini beast topic proved very successful with all our children and we were particularly keen to watch our caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies. The children showed lots of enthusiasm throughout the topic and still talk about the mini beasts today!

We then went onto a mini topic about time, as the children were wearing watches to nursery and were asking lots of questions about time. The children were very keen to learn about the clock and what the hands represent. We now have lots of children able to identify when their mummies and daddies are picking them up! We linked the time topic into our daily routine and have now created a new routine that the children helped to make and they seem to be enjoying it!

With losing all our lovely children to school, we have done a topic on school/ growing up. We gave the children the opportunity to speak about school and their feelings about the changes. We had a 'school lunch' where the children were required to come up with their lunch ticket and serve their own lunch and collect their own cutlery etc for lunch. This proved very popular with the children as they increased their independence skills.

We are currently following a dinosaur topic and the children are loving participating in lots of fun activities, including science fun, baking, and art and craft opportunities, along with lots of learning about dinosaurs. (I think the children are teaching the staff a thing or two about dinosaurs, thank goodness for google!) We will be continuing this topic until the children's interests change.

Wee Green Space has proven to be very popular with the pre-school children, however, for all children to be able to participate in all the activities, it is essential that each child has appropriate clothing. We would request that all children attending Wee Green Space on their rota day have waterproof trousers and jacket (or an all in one suit) and wellies or boots, especially in Aberdeen with the weather being so unpredictable, so we need to ensure that we have the appropriate clothing to enjoy ourselves fully!

I wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to taking on 2017/18.

Kind regards
Claire Drennan
Nursery manager
Tel: 01224 628862


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