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St Swithin Street - Term 4 Newsletter - 2021

Term 4 Newsletter – May 2021

Dear Parents/Carers Welcome to everyone who has joined us since our last newsletter. It has been an eventful start to the year, but we are so glad to be back working with all the wonderful children and families again. We are already embarking on another busy academic term, with lots of learning and fun ahead of us. This will be our final term with our school leavers so we intend to make every minute count!


Leah Burt left the Toddler room on Friday 1st April. She accepted a post in another private nursery to work with the pre-school age group. We wish Leah all the best with her new adventure.

Monika Szollosi is leaving the Baby room on Thursday 20th May to a position with longer hours, and we wish her all the best with her future.

Rachel Lorimer has joined our Toddler room and is settling in very well, getting to know all the children and families. Rachel is already becoming very popular with the children and is enjoying her time in the room. She will be working a Tuesday and Friday full days and a half day Wednesday.

Rebecca Dey has joined our Pre-school room; she is settling in very well and enjoying getting to know everyone. The children already seem very fond of Rebecca and she is enjoying being part of a busy pre-school team. Rebecca will be working Monday mornings, Wednesday full day, Thursday mornings and Friday full day.

Staff Training

Emma is continuing to study for her BA in Child Development and has moved onto the unit ‘Effecting Change in Development and Learning’. Within this unit she will be looking at the children’s wellbeing and involvement in nursery, improving environments, Curriculum for Excellence and various theorists linking to practice.

Karina is currently studying for her MA in Childhood Practice at Dundee University. She has moved onto the module ‘Supporting and Developing Language and Literacy’. Through this module she will have an opportunity to demonstrate her understanding in providing effective provision for language development within a learning process.

I completed my degree in January and will be graduating (virtually) in June this year.

Staff will continue to be participating in core training throughout the year when required. In our recent staff meeting we completed Manual Handling training.


We are continuing to support ‘Charlie House’ as our charity of the year. The Charlie House vision is that all babies, children & young people with life-limiting conditions in the North East of Scotland receive the necessary support they require from the very start of their life journey.

We are in the process of organising a Sports week at nursery and are looking to have this in June for children only. The week will consist of a number of sporting activities throughout, with all of the children having the opportunity to participate on the days they attend. The staff are currently planning with the children the types of sports they wish to do and we will let you know of the plans in due course. We will ensure plenty of photos and videos are made available on the ILD for the parents. Check out the charity we are supporting this year at


Here comes summer, or is it?……we just never know what the weather will do!. It does look as though the sun is going to be coming out more and more. It is important that your child is provided with a sun hat. We use Nivea factor 50 children’s sun cream. If you have decided this is not the right cream for your child, then please provide an alternative. Creams cannot contain nuts. It is essential that your child’s sun hat has his/her name on it.

Parent Communication

Parents are welcome to ask any questions regarding their child’s progress. We have been trying to increase the use of our Interactive Learning Diaries, so please check your child’s observations and add to them if you wish. This enables us to have connections between nursery and home. If you wish to have a chat or prefer to e mail us, we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Parents Evening

We will be hosting a virtual parents’ evening this year and are looking to host this on different days for each room. Pre-school will be held on Thursday 27th May, Toddlers will be held on Tuesday 1st June and the Baby room will be on Monday 31st May and Friday 4th June. This will give you the opportunity to discuss in more detail your child’s progress and next steps outlined in the reports. Each appointment will be 15 minutes long.

Graduation/ School Leavers

The pre-school leavers will be hosting a small Graduation ceremony that will be recorded and sent to all the parents once permission has been sought. The school leavers will have the opportunity to learn some songs, wear their Graduation gowns and have a garden party with their peers. We will ensure we share lots of photos and videos on the ILD for the parents of the school leavers. We are currently working on some exciting photos which we will share with you in due course.

As always, we will be carrying out a small topic about Going to School to support the children with this transition, and will be sending reports to the schools.


Please could I remind parents that the payment date for fees changes monthly. The payment date is always stated on the bottom of the invoice. Please remember that vouchers and tax-free childcare payments may take up to 5 working days to process through your voucher account, therefore payment should be made in time for these to clear. We are part of the tax-free childcare scheme and parents are welcome to use this as a form of payment. You would pay our sister nursery Victoria Street but ensure you inform myself of the reference number for your payment.

Sibling Places

Please be reminded that if you have had a baby or are expecting another, spaces should be booked in advance. We cannot always accommodate siblings when it’s left too late. We understand the importance of family and love to have all the little ones join us.


Please continue to follow social distancing, wash/sanitise hands, and wear a face covering at drop off/pick up times. It is vitally important that children do not attend nursery if they are unwell. If your child develops any of the 3 most common symptoms of Covid-19, then go to NHS to arrange to have your child PCR tested by the NHS immediately, informing the nursery management team. Do not visit your GP, pharmacy, or hospital, and your child and household unit must self-isolate. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for the 3 most common symptoms of Covid-19 which are Fever/high temperature (37.8 degrees C or greater), A cough, Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia). Guidance can be found at :- Parents must also be vigilant to other wider signs of their child feeling unwell, and contact their GP for advice regarding any other symptoms their child develops which may indicate Covod-19. Please also seek immediate medical advice from your GP if your child experiences any unusual tiredness/fatigue.


The nursery will not accept any medicines which contain Paracetamol/Ibuprofen which are used to reduce fever eg Calpol/Nurofen, as these can mask a temperature. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for further information re medication. If your child develops a high temperature at home, then you must still arrange a Covid-19 test even if you administer fever reducing medication which would artificially bring down the temperature. Please do not give your child any medication which contains Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which can mask a temperature prior to them coming into nursery. If your child is teething, we advise teething gels/powders which are a good alternative and can be taken into nursery. Your child must not attend nursery until 24 hours have passed after a first dosage of antibiotic.


Please note that if your chid has had diarrhoea or vomiting then they must remain at home until 48 hours after the last episode.

Learning Experiences

0-2 room

The Baby room, since returning, have had lots of new babies to get to know. We have been helping them to settle back into nursery life with lots of activities, including song time, story time and art activities. The babies started off their learning, looking at cars and transport vehicles which came from the children’s interests. The children participated in lots of art and craft activities, showing good fine motor skills and creativeness, as well as using a variety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, diggers, trains and tractors to enhance their interests. They have also enjoyed participating in lots of songs and rhymes about cars.

The children then went onto learning about colours due to some parental feedback. They were given opportunities to learn colours through matching and sorting activities, painting, and lots of other fun activities.

Following on from our Colours topic, the children showed an interest in farm animals. Through lots of songs, props and art activities, the children developed an understanding about the world around them, and this linked into our Easter topic, where we used Easter animals such as lambs and chickens to create pictures to represent our learning. The children thoroughly enjoyed the song ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ and would ask for it throughout the day.

The children then went onto explore Spring and the varying weathers we were experiencing. We looked at spring colours, as well as using real life weather (snow and rain) to explore. The children were very excited to see snow in April!

The children have been exploring various puzzles, and some of the older babies are managing to complete large floor puzzles. This has been encouraging participation in shared play opportunities with our friends.

As always, the babies have enjoyed lots of outdoor fun on the balcony and the main garden. We have even managed to have some picnics in between the snowy weather!

2-3 room

On returning to nursery, the Toddler room showed an interest in the various weathers we were experiencing. They were very excited about the wind and rain. We discussed the various weathers we have and which were our favourite ones and why. We collated our information in mind maps and used

maps to look at the weather in the UK. We used colours to describe the different weathers and the children participated in art and craft opportunities to demonstrate their findings.

Children showed a lot of interest in the house corner, playing cafes and shops, and so we started a topic about food, discussing our favourite foods and foods we disliked. We represented the children’s ideas by carrying out surveys and drawing our answers. We had many discussions about healthy and unhealthy foods, and the children had opportunities to be expressive in role play and created various opportunities to play shops with the pretend food in the house corner. We talked about the different shops where our mummies and daddies do the shopping.

Interest soon turned to Jungle animals in the Toddler room and we carried out a topic on Jungle Animals. The children were inspired by jungle water trays, tough spots with various messy play activities, art and craft opportunities, and song time in small groups. We also had lots of song times in the garden to practice our ‘jungle animal’ voices. Lions and tigers were very popular! Whilst learning about living creatures, the topic diverted to mini beasts. where the children were very interested in caterpillars, and they even had the opportunity to watch the development and full life cycle of our own caterpillars, which was a very exciting process with many learning opportunities throughout, ending in the children seeing the beautiful butterflies fly off from the garden. The children have been hunting for mini beasts in the garden, whilst learning facts and information about various types of mini beasts. There have been opportunities for the children to paint, draw and model their favourite minibeasts/animals with great enthusiasm throughout, and the children are still talking about what they have learnt, drawing pictures to show their understanding of the topic.

Children have been exploring Spring, looking at the changes that take place in spring, and creating their own spring pictures of lambs, blossom, early spring flowers.

3-5 room

All the pre-school children were very excited to be all back to nursery and discussed how it felt to be back with their friends. This led us onto a topic about our feelings. From parental feedback, some books were purchased to discuss how we feel and how it is good to talk about our feelings. The children participated in creating feelings stones to use as a way of communication in the room. There were various activities set up to promote our feelings and the importance to discuss them with staff, peers and parents.

From the Feelings topic, we discussed our families, and jobs we do, which then led us onto our new topic about Transport, with the children speaking about ambulance drivers and Land Rovers. The topic allowed for many of the children’s interests to be followed. We had some good parental involvement, with photos shared from Formula One trips, ambulance photos and fire engines. The children showed much enthusiasm throughout the topic and involved themselves in art and craft activities, using imagination and creativity to express themselves. We learnt about how and who can help us when we need it.

The pre-school children moved onto a topic about Spring, which involved looking and learning about various types of weather, animals born in Spring and Easter time. One child shared a fantastic story about how Easter is celebrated in Poland, which led us onto learning about Easter in different countries around the world, extending our knowledge on the ‘World around us’. The children already had a good knowledge of the spring season and used this to create art work to represent their ideas. Mind maps were created with the current knowledge and we used this to extend the learning.

Children showed a lot of interest in animals and so a topic on minibeasts/spring animals was started. Throughout the topic, the children were introduced to various shapes, and a shape of the week was created to encourage shape recognition and formation. The children particularly enjoyed watching their caterpillars grow into butterflies and have been studying the lifecycle of many mini beasts. They were delighted to release the butterflies into the sky after taking such good care of them.

The children are currently exploring a Space topic and are very interested in learning all the facts about space, particularly gravity in which they are using experiments to measure gravity in the nursery. The children are being exposed to many mathematical and scientific facts throughout this topic and it has captured a lot of attention from all of the children. As always, the children have been provided opportunities to participate in our letter of the week, number of the week, story times, song times and many other group time activities.

Show and Tell on the ILD has been ever so popular and the children are loving having videos/ pictures from home to show on the class computer. Thank you very much to the parents for such a great response with using the ILD!

Kind regards

Erin Horne Nursery Manager

tel – 01224 209966

Be sure and keep an eye on your child’s ILD to see all the topics and specified next steps.

Important Dates for your Diary

• Week of 14th June – will be our sports week

• A virtual Graduation will be published on the ILD by June 25th.

• Parent’s evening – Preschool Thursday 27th May, Toddlers 1 st June, Babies Monday 31st May and Friday 4th June. (all held virtually)

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