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St Swithin Street Notice Board

St Swithin Street - Wee Green Space 2019

Here you will find our dates and groups attending Wee Green Space and the Care Home

Date Group
Monday 26th August Group 1 (WGS)
Tuesday 3rd September Group 2 (CH)
Wednesday 11th September Group 3 (WGS)
Thursday 19th September Group 4 (WGS)
Monday 23rd September Group 1 (CH)
Tuesday 1st October Group 2 (WGS)
Wednesday 9th October Group 3 (CH)
Thursday 17th October Group 4 (WGS)
Monday 21st October Group 1 (WGS)
Tuesday 29th October Group 2 (CH)
Wednesday 6th November Group 3 (WGS)
Thursday 14th November Group 4 (CH)

Added: 20 Aug 2019 Updated: 16 Nov 2019