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Victoria Street - Our 5 Day Menus

☘ = Vegetarian

Snack Menu - Week 1

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Wheat Biscuits Crackerbread with Spread
Tuesday Bagels Homemade Flap Jacks
Wednesday Toast Ryvita Thins with Dip
Thursday Croissant Homemade Scones
Friday Oatcakes with Cheese Rice Cakes

Lunch and Dessert Menu - Week 1

Day Lunch Dessert
Monday Pasta Bolognese Custard
Tuesday Haddock and Cirizo Paella Jelly
Wednesday Chicken and Leek Pie Fruit Tart
Thursday Sausages with Mash and Peas Fruit Cocktail
Friday Mexican Chicken Fajita Bake Homebake

Snack Menu - Week 2

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Rice Cakes Crackers with Cheese
Tuesday Oatcakes with Pate Breadsticks with Dip
Wednesday Fruit Loaf Wheat Biscuits
Thursday Crackerbreads with Spread Scones
Friday Toast Tortilla Wraps

Lunch and Dessert Menu - Week 2

Day Lunch Dessert
Monday Savoury Rice with Galic Bread Fruit Salad
Tuesday Soup and Sandwiches Carrot Cake
Wednesday Lasagne Fruit Tart
Thursday Chinese Chicken Curry with Rice Jelly
Friday Cottage Pie Cheesecake

Snack Menu - Week 3

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Oatcakes with Cheese Rice Cakes
Tuesday Fruit Loaf Wheat Biscuits
Wednesday Crumpets Crackers with Cheese Spread
Thursday Wholewheat Pitta Breads with Dip Pizza Slice
Friday Toast Scones

Lunch and Dessert Menu - Week 3

Day Lunch Dessert
Monday Salmon and Pea Pasta Custard
Tuesday Roast Chicken Dinner Yoghurt
Wednesday Quiche with Beetroot Salad Jelly
Thursday Chicken and Chirizo Pie Fruit Tart
Friday Mince with Potatoes and Veg Cinemon and Apple Rice Pudding

Snack Menu - Week 4

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Brioche Crackers and Pate
Tuesday Wheat Biscuits Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls
Wednesday Rice Cakes Ryvita Thins and Dips
Thursday Toast Banana Bread
Friday Cheese Scones Wheat Biscuits

Lunch and Dessert Menu - Week 4

Day Lunch Dessert
Monday Soup with Cheesy Garlic Bread Fruit Sponge
Tuesday Macaroni Cheese with Peas Jelly
Wednesday Sausage, Tomato and Mixed Bean Casserole with Potatos Fruit Crumble Pie
Thursday Chicken Goujons with Beans Yoghurt
Friday Steak Mince with Onion Pie with Vegetables Fruit Cocktail

Snack Menu - Week 5

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Ricecakes Oatcakes with Cheese
Tuesday Muffins Flapjacks
Wednesday Toast Pizza
Thursday Criossants Crackers with Spread
Friday Crackerbread with Pate Wheat Biscuits

Lunch and Dessert Menu - Week 5

Day Lunch Dessert
Monday Quorn, Katsu Curry with Rice Yoghurt
Tuesday Cullen Skink with Crusty Bread Fruit Tarts
Wednesday Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Tagletelli Jelly
Thursday Chilli Con Carne Homebake
Friday Sausage and Bean Pie Custrard

Added: 15 Jul 2021 Updated: 15 Jul 2021