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Victoria Street - Sharing Week 2-3 Room 2021

We will be restarting our sharing week in the 2's room this month! Please find the dates of this below.

Sharing week is the 2's rooms version of show and tell and provides the children with the opportunity to talk about things from their home life. We invite the children to stand up at group time and talk to their friends about the item they have decided to share, and children can ask their friends questions about the item. There is no 'theme' for each week - just something your child is particularly interested in or has been up to, this can be a toy, teddy, picture they have made, photograph of the weekend's activities etc. This is a great way for children to develop their confidence, speech, social skills, and turn taking abilities! We do this over the whole week to give all the children the opportunity to take part, but please don't feel you need to take part every single day.

Please note that sharing week remains virtual for the time being - please upload a photograph of what your child wishes to share to their ILD. If you require a new password/log in for your child's ILD please get in touch and we can get you sorted out!

Sharing week dates - w/c;

  • 21.6.21
  • 12.7.21
  • 16.8.21
  • 13.9.21
  • 11.10.21
  • 15.11.21
  • 6.12.21

Added: 10 Jun 2021 Updated: 30 Jun 2021