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3-5 Years - Sharing Day Dates

Sharing day dates for the coming weeks in the Busy Bee room

  • Friday 20th January - Something Winter related
  • Monday 23rd January - Something transport related
  • Tuesday 31st January - Something that is more than one colour
  • Wednesday 8th February - Something textured
  • Thursday 16th February - Something that I made at home
  • Friday 24th February - A dressing up costume
  • Monday 27th February - My favourite book
  • Tuesday 7th March - My favourite TV/movie character
  • Wednesday 15th March - My favourite song
  • Thursday 23rd March - Something that lights up
  • Friday 31st March - A picture of my family

This is a day for your child to bring in their favorite item and share it with their friends at show & tell.

Added: 06 Jun 2022 Updated: 17 Jan 2023