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January 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter - January 2021

Dear Parents

Welcome back to a new year at Wee Rascals and Wee Rascals Too. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your generosity shown to myself and the girls in the lead up to Christmas. We were overwhelmed by your gifts and well wishes, thank you. We hope you managed to enjoy the Christmas break, albeit a little different to usual. It has been lovely to be able to welcome back some of you to nursery, and once again we have been blown away by how resilient and cheerful all the children are! It’s been a great return so far, with lots of new memories being made. We have welcomed some of the children and staff from Wee Rascals into our building here at Wee Rascals Too which has been a nice change.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new families to Wee Rascals and Wee Rascals Too. We hope you are settling in well.

Wee Rascals Too

The children from Wee Rascals Too have been learning about shapes and colours through a wide variety of activities, which have been tailored to suit the age range. The children have been in the garden exploring the different shapes of stones and leaves, and have completed worksheets indoors using dot-to-dot and shape recognition. The children have also enjoyed using homemade nursery playdough to create different shapes and develop their fine motor skills. We have been listening and responding to the children every day, ensuring that the activities and learning experiences are inviting to the children. Some of the children had wonderful stories about Robbie Burns, and spoke of how they had had haggis, neeps and tatties for their tea. Ashleigh shared a video with the children about the life and successes of Robbie Burns, which sparked a lot of conversation about his life in Scotland. The children went on to create thistles, which you can see on the ILD.

Wee Rascals

The Wee Rascals children have been following a child led approach every day. Most recently, one of the 3-5 children made reference to the footprints they had seen in the snow, so the children began learning and investigating footprints, learning about the different sizes and shapes of each of their feet. There were several discussions about the snow and ice the children were seeing outside, which led to the team putting ice into the messy trays for the children to explore, helping them to discover a variety of textures, as well as teaching them about basic science as they talked about how ice melts. All of the Wee Rascals children have enjoyed taking part in painting activities, exploring different colours and textures. The children have enjoyed taking part in outdoor play, especially in the snowy and icy weather, using the various pieces of climbing equipment and bikes, which adds a different dimension to their play. Inside, the children have shown great special awareness, moving and grooving to Sticky Kids, as well as showing their ability to follow detailed instructions.

Baby News

We have some wonderful baby news to report from both Wee Rascals and Wee Rascals Too.

Fiona Campbell from Wee Rascals gave birth to a wee boy, Finn, on the 6th of December 2020. Finn came a few weeks early, but arrived safe and well, and he is now enjoying life at home with Fiona and Craig who are settling into full family life, with Fiona loving life as a mummy.

Lena Tyczynska from Wee Rascals Too also gave birth to a wee boy, Liam, on the 20th of December 2020. She and Angus, and brother Matthew are now settling into life as a family of four.


We will continue to update our Covid-19 policy when required, so please can you read it thoroughly when it is sent to you.

Please continue to follow social distancing, wash/sanitise hands, and wear a face covering at drop off/pick up times. It is vitally important that children do not attend nursery if they are unwell. If your child develops any of the most common symptoms of Covid-19, then contact NHS 111 to arrange to have your child tested, informing the nursery management team immediately. Do not visit your GP, pharmacy, or hospital, and your child and household unit must self-isolate. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for the most common symptoms of Covid-19 which are Fever/high temperature (37.8 degrees C or greater), A new continuous cough, Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia). If your child develops any of these symptoms at nursery, then parents must inform NHS 111 that the nursery has confirmed symptoms and requests the test, passing on the symptoms that the nursery has advised of.

Guidance can be found at :- Parents must also be vigilant to other wider signs of their child feeling unwell, and contact their GP for advice regarding any other symptoms their child develops which may indicate Covid-19. Please also seek immediate medical advice from your GP if your child experiences any unusual tiredness/fatigue.


The nursery will not accept any medicines which contain Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which are used to reduce fever eg Calpol/Nurofen, as these can mask a temperature. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for further information re medication. If your child develops a high temperature at home, then you must still arrange a Covid-19 test even if you administer fever reducing medication which would artificially bring down the temperature. Please do not give your child any medication which contains Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which can mask a temperature prior to them coming into nursery. If your child is teething, we advise teething gels/powders which are a good alternative and can be taken into nursery. Your child must not attend nursery until 24 hours have passed after a first dosage of antibiotic.


Please note that if your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting then they must remain at home until 48 hours after the last episode.

Thank you for your patience during this time, we look forward to a busy term!

Claire Rizza

Wee Rascals Too Nursery Manager

tel 01467 633994

Added: 02 Feb 2021 Updated: 05 Apr 2022