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Wee Rascals - Sharing Day Dates

Sharing day dates for the coming weeks in the Busy Bee room

  • Monday 10th February - A musical instrument
  • Tuesday 18th February - Something of your favourite colour
  • Wednesday 26th February - An Observation for ILD
  • Thursday 5th March - A creation of your family tree
  • Friday 13th March - An item to create a picture

Cheeky Monkey room :

  • Monday 10th Febraury - Favourite soft toy
  • Tuesday 18th February - Favourite hard toy
  • Wednesday 26th February - Something from your favourite TV show
  • Thursday 5th March - Something you find in the jungle
  • Friday 13th March - Something in your favourite colour

This is a day for your child to bring in their favorite item and share it with their friends at show & tell.

Added: 02 Mar 2020 Updated: 04 Mar 2020