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Busy Bee Room - Show and Tell

Once a week the Busy Bee children are invited to bring in an item to share with their friends! Please keep in mind when choosing an item to bring in that accidents do happen and there is always the risk of breakages or losing items. Please do not bring in anything valuable.

Monday 19-9-22

Something that you push

Tuesday 27-9-22

Something orange

Wednesday 5-10-22

Something soft

Thursday 13-10-22

My favourite teddy

Friday 21-10-22

Something that makes me happy

Monday 24-10-22

An autumn leaf

Tuesday 1-11-22

A firework/bonfire picture I made

Wednesday 9-11-22

Something small

Thursday 17-11-22

A picture I drew of what I want to be when I grow up

Friday 25-11-22

Something that keeps me warm

Added: 31 Oct 2022 Updated: 31 Oct 2022