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Wee Rascals Too - Term 1 Newsletter 2019

Term 1 - September 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new families to Wee Rascals Too. We hope you have settled in well to the nursery routine!


Fundraising for our 2019 Charity of the year is well underway and with your support, we continue to host very successful events. On Saturday 7th September we held our annual Coffee Morning which was a great success! And we managed to raise £656.60. Thank you to everyone who made it along and supported us.

Our 2019 Charity of the year is 'Friends of the Special Nursery', a charity of Aberdeen Maternity Hospital's Neo Natal Unit for sick and premature babies in the Grampian region, as well as the islands of Shetland and Orkney. For more information, you can look at their website,

Since the beginning of the year we have raised over £3000, which is amazing! Breakfast mornings have raised £308.25, World Book day in March raised £18.34, Spree Books raised £52, Pizza Making in May raised a really good £295, our July 'Bake Offs' raised £74.80, and our 'Dress Down Days' raised £48, with a summer Teddy Bears picnic collecting £28.50. Sports Day, including sponsors have raised a fantastic £844.30, and our sponsored walk raised a whopping £720, of which £675 went directly to the Just Giving page.

Staff Changes

We have recently had a few staff changes throughout the nursery. Karis Morton has accepted the role as Little Bunnies Room Leader. Karis has worked for Summers since 2017 and has proven to be a dedicated and hard working member of the team, sailing through her SVQ 3 earlier this year, and receiving lots of positive feedback regarding her studies.

Hazel McPherson accepted the promotion as Assistant Manager. Hazel has worked for Summers for a number of years, with her first position being in 2013, and is excited about the latest progression in her career. I'm sure you will join me in congratulating both girls on their promotions.

In the Busy Bee Room, we have welcomed Shauna Milne and Sarah Dawson. Shauna has experience as a gymnastics coach and is covering for Lana Brown whilst she is acting 2-3 Room Leader in Amanda's maternity absence. Sarah has joined us on a permanent contract having completed a degree in psychology, and she has a keen interest in working with children.

We have also welcomed Jorja Cameron to our 0-2 room. Jorja has joined us from school, and is keen to pursue a career in childcare. Welcome to the team girls!

On Saturday 10th August, Amanda (2-3 Room Leader) welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Ezmae Margo, weighing 9lbs 11oz. A Huge congratulations to Amanda, and having met the baby, I can confirm Ezmae is gorgeous!


Karis Morton completed her SVQ 3 in May, so well done Karis! Lana Brown has recently started studying for her SVQ 4 and Emma Wright has begun studying for her SVQ 3.

Other training which staff have attended in order to develop their knowledge are Individual Eduactional Plans and Chronology Writing. I have also attended GIRFEC training as well.

Trips / Visits

Angela from Abricabeats has been coming to the Busy Bee room on a Thursday afternoon at 3.00pm this term.

This year, the Busy Bees have formed a close working relationship with residents of the Overdon Care Home. Every month, a small group of children visit the care home to meet with the residents and take part in different activities. The children and the residents both benefit greatly from these sessions, and it is a brilliant learning opportunity for both.

The Busy Bees enjoyed a fantastic trip to Balmedie Beach on Friday the 19th of July. The children loved digging in the sand and splashing in the water, and have described the trip as 'The best day of my life!' – We can't ask for more than that!

The Busy Bees also had a trip to Tesco in Inverurie on Thursday 18th July, where they took part in a 'Farm to Fork' workshop. The children learnt about the importance of recycling for energy and community work.

The Cheeky Monkeys visited Playtown in Inverurie on Tuesday 28th of May, enjoying lots of role play activities.

Little Bunnies

Over the summer, the Little Bunnies have participated in a variety of activities. They began by learning abut the Circus, which was a suggestion from one of our parent's. The children practiced the tight rope, walking along the balancing beam, and they participated in role play activities with circus animals, devolping imaginative skills and building relationships with their peers.

Following a spell of lovely weather, the Little Bunnies then went on to learn about the outdoors. This involved outdoor messy play, promoting the children's curiosity and allowing them opportunities to explore different textures, temperatures and smells. The children also took part in collaging flowers where they chose materials to create their pictures.

The Little Bunnies took time to focus on developing each child's gross motor skills throughout a variety of activites such as dancing, throwing and catching. They had great fun using the parachute, too. All activites in the Little Bunnies room are developed to promote and encourage the child's individual next steps.

Cheeky Monkeys

Since slotting into her role as maternity cover Cheeky Monkey Room Leader, Lana has been making changes within the Cheeky Monkey room. You may have notied the new information wall outside the room, which has information about upcoming events and children's keyworkers. The children now have access at all times to an art table, which is stocked with a variety of resources available throughout the day. The Cheeky Monkeys have been trialing a self serve system at lunchtime, similar to the children in the Busy Bee room. There is now a family tree wall, and we would be grateful if you could send in a family picture for this please.

The Cheeky Monkeys enjoyed learning about Under the Sea. They practiced baking when making fish shaped shortbread, and investigated different sizes and shapes of shells. The children got messy with some sea themed slime, and explored the jelly fish themed messy tray. Some of the children practiced counting skills with an octopus leg activity, and everyone took part in creating a giant whale painting!

The children then went on to learn about Dinosaurs. They created salt dough fossils and took part in a dinosaur hunt outside in the garden. The Cheeky Monkeys make dinosaur puppets to use during the 'Dinosaur Rap' Story CD.

Busy Bees

There have been recent changes to the planning in the Busy Bee room. We are now following a continuous responsive planning system, which allows the children's current interests to be followed up there and then, and is proving to be more stimulating and inviting for the children. Under this new regime, the children have learnt about a wide variety of topics. After receiving caterpillars, the children followed the life cycle of a butterfly and took great care in nurturing each caterpillar until they all grew into butterflies. The children also found a caterpillar in the garden, and took it indoors where they researched it and found out it was an Elephant Hawk Eye moth. They then observed it before letting it go in the garden. Some of the other topics covered include learning about flowers, our bodies, food and the hospitality industry.

The children have been introduced to a new member of the room, Montgomery Bear. Montgomery is there for the children to use when they are sad, lonely, worried or experiencing any other emotion that requires some reassurance. The children know they can seek out Montgomery Bear for a cuddle and this is proving to be a success within the room.

The Busy Bees recently tried out a 'no toy' experiment, where the plastic toys were removed from the room and everything was natural. This proved to be a huge success and some of the toys have yet to be put back, at the request of the children. Staff have observed that children are more engaged in play, and their imaginative play skills are being extended. This also included putting real materials into the house corner, such as plates and utensils. This is promoting responsibility, safety and respect, and was risk assessed by the children.

Improvement Plans

We are currently developing our 2019/2020 Improvement Plan, and this will be available to view in the hall.

Policies of the Term

Every term, we select certain policies to focus on. Our policies are available for parents to read in the front hallway. Please ask myself or the Room Leader of your child's room if you have any trouble locating them.

The policies of the term are as follows...

  • 10 – Child Protection
  • 35 – Open Door Policy
  • 41 – Health, Wellbeing and Safety Policy

Dates for your diary

Our website - www.summersnurseries.comhas information regarding dates, 'show and tell' etc, so please take a look at Wee Rascals Too news.

Tuesday 1st October – Busy Bees Trip (TBC)

Wednesday 30th October – Hallowean Party

Wednesday 6th November – Tempest Photography

Sunday 1st December – Christmas Fayre

Wednesday 11th December – Busy Bees Christmas Party

The nursery will close at 6.00pm on Friday the 20th of December 2019 and will re-open again at 7.30am on Monday the 6th of January 2020.

We have decided to send parents newsletters by e mail now, as the majority of parents asked for it to be sent this way. There will still however be some paper copies for parents who wish one, located in the front hallway.

Kind regards
Claire Rizza
Nursery Manager
Tel: 01467 633994

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