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Wee Rascals Too - Term 2 Newsletter 2020

Term 2 - February 2020

Wee Rascals Too

Term 2 – October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new families to Wee Rascals Too. We hope everyone has settled in well to the nursery routine.

This term has seen a number of staff changes within Wee Rascals Too.

During our closure, we lost Lana Brown and Hazel McPherson, who both moved on to external positions. Both ladies had been with the company for several years. Lana took a position at a school nursery, and Hazel accepted a Manager position at a private nursery. Amanda Allan decided not to return after having her wee girl.We wish them all the very best of luck.

Ashleigh Christie accepted the position of 3-5 years Busy Bee Room Leader and has settled in superbly. Ashleigh came from our sister nursery in Inverurie and has brought many fresh and exciting ideas to the 3-5 year room.

We were delighted to welcome Emma Rowell back to the team. Emma has taken on the position of 2-3 years Cheeky Monkey Room Leader and is settling well into the role. Emma took a year out of childcare and worked in the dental industry, but realised nothing beats working with children!

We have also welcomed Sarah Watters to the 3-5 room as a Nursery Assistant. Sarah has had lots of experience working with children at summer camps, and more recently, as a classroom assistant. Sarah has settled very well into the 3-5 room!

We were also sad to see Stephanie Horne, Rachel Andrews and Gemma Lynch leave us. Stephanie has gone on to Ayr University for a degree in screen writing and Gemma has gone on to do a Masters in Social Work. Rachel decided to take a break from working and focus on her family and life on the farm. All 3 girls will be greatly missed, but have assured us they won’t be strangers.

I am delighted to say that we have managed to fill our positions very quickly. We have now employed 3 new full time members of staff.

Gillian Morrison is a qualified practitioner with years of experience. Gillian has worked with all ages, alongside bringing up her 2 grown up children and we are delighted to welcome her to our team. Gillian will work a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the 0-2 room.

Kayla Dawson is also a qualified practitioner with 5 years experience. Kayla has accepted a full time position in the 0-2 room with a Wednesday off. Kayla has lots of experience working with babies and is looking forward to getting to know our families here at Wee Rascals Too.

Lastly, we welcomed Eilidh Dean to the team. Eilidh is a qualified midwife who took an interest in the development of children during her studies, and has decided to pursue a career in childcare. Eilidh works in the 0-2 Little Bunnies room on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Lena Tyczynska is due her second baby in December. Lena will be finishing with us on Friday 20th November. Lena’s hours will be covered by Shona Mitchell, who has been with us as a relief member of staff since last year. Shona is looking forward to working with the 2-3 Cheeky Monkey room on a Monday and Friday. We wish Lena all the best and can’t wait to meet her new baby!

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we develop our staff team. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Recently, the children took part in ‘Crazy Cone Week’. This was a week of activities in the garden, involving different obstacles and various sporting activities. Every day was like a mini sports day for the children of every room! We were completely blown away by your outstanding generosity when it came to sponsoring the children, and we raised a staggering £1075 through sponsor forms and our JustGiving page. Thank you very much. Every penny is donated to our 2020 Charity of the year, Charlie House. Charlie House is a local children’s charity which supports babies, children and young people with complex disabilities and life limiting conditions in North East Scotland. For more information on Charlie House please see


Please continue to utilise the email system and get in touch if you have any queries or questions, or suggestions for your child’s room. Please also get in touch by phone if you need to.

We encourage you to check your child’s interactive learning diary (ILD) for updated photos and observations, which will give you an insight into your child’s progress and learning. Parents can also contribute to the ILD, allowing staff to see what they have been doing at home.

If you have not done so already, can you please respond to the email regarding changes to contact sheets, and return your child’s ‘All About Me’ sheet.

Improvement Plans

Our improvement plans so far for 2020/2021 are:-

  • Develop zoning where staff are responsible for individual areas within the room, helping to develop the use of resources through planning etc.
  • Continue to develop the use of the Interactive Learning Diaries for children.

Little Bunnies

Since our last newsletter, the Little Bunnies have covered a variety of topics.

On our return, the Little Bunnies had a ‘Welcome Back Week’ where they focussed on group activities to rebuild relationships and get settled back into the nursery routine. Activities included using the parachute as a group, drawing pictures, and using the role play area.

The Little Bunnies then moved on to learning about Under the Sea. The children all have a keen interest in ‘Baby Shark’, so they created a Baby Shark learning wall, complete with lots of pictures of sharks and collaged artwork. The children also enjoyed taking part in lots of dancing to keep them active, and they used the water tray to visualise the toy sharks and ‘swimming’ fish.

The Little Bunnies then went on to learn about vehicles and transport. The children knew the names of lots of different vehicles and showed a keen interest in this topic. They used flashcards to develop their vehicle recognition skills and practiced their coordination by steering the scooters around. We observe the children when they display characteristics of each schema, and you can see evidence of this on your child’s Interactive Learning Diary(ILD).

Cheeky Monkeys

Upon their return to nursery, the Cheeky Monkeys dived straight into learning about ‘On the Road.’ This followed the interest of some of the younger Cheeky Monkeys who had recently moved through, and was a good introduction for them into the bigger room. The children had great fun steering cars through shaving foam and investigating the tracks made by the cars. The Cheeky Monkeys developed their coordination and balance skills by using the bikes in the garden, and they also enjoyed listening to different story CDs which related to vehicles, such as ‘Driving my Tractor’.

Following on from learning about ‘On the Road’, the children went on to focus on the ‘Transportation’ schema. This involved watching and learning how wheels spin. The children used the wheels of the toy cars to paint with, and marvelled as the wheels rolled out painted tracks. When completing vehicle puzzles, the children looked at the wheels of the vehicles and compared their sizes. The Cheeky Monkeys also enjoyed using the ‘ride on’ toys in the garden, using them to get from one area of the garden to another.

After printing off the children’s family photos for their Family Wall, the Cheeky Monkeys spoke about their families and who lives in their houses. The link from home to nursery is greatly increased by the use of photos and the children enjoyed showing their friends their family photos on the wall.

The recent weather led the Cheeky Monkeys on to discussing the rain outside and they made a weather chart to display the different types of weather. The children built a shelter within the room using cardboard boxes to keep dry.

Recently, the Cheeky Monkeys have been learning about Halloween. They have been painting pumpkins using apples, and making spooky spider handprints. Using recycled milk bottles, the children have been creating ghosts! They will continue learning about Halloween this week.

All the children loved taking part in our Charity Crazy Cone Week! They completed different obstacle courses and took part in Egg and Spoon races, weaving tasks and pushing the toy babies in the buggy. The children also practiced colour recognition skills when identifying the different coloured balls within the garden.

Busy Bees

On arrival back to nursery, the Busy Bees began with a topic about 'Foods from around the World’. During this topic, the children discovered where some of their favourite foods are traditionally found and how they are made. (eg pizza, chocolate, sweets and bananas). While discussing and discovering foods from different countries, the Busy Bees also looked at maps of the world, countries and continents, as well as investigating the countries flags, cultures and festivals, as well as their famous delicacies.

Based on the current interests of the Busy Bees, they then went on to exploring and discovering the wonders of ‘Disney’. The children researched and learned about all of their favourite Disney characters, including the Princes and Princesses, animals and other fictional characters. The children then developed their technology skills by learning how and when Disney was created. We also looked at how Disney create the films, and when animation was first created.

The Busy Bees have been developing their construction skills by building their very own Disney castle in many forms, using a variety of resources, such as wooden blocks, construction toys such as lego, and with the use of cardboard boxes, too. The Busy Bees also seemed to love getting messy and crafty as they created different pictures which represented all of the different characters, stories and aspects of the Disney vision.

The children and staff took some time to research the Disney themed parks and resorts, and for social studies, the Busy Bees researched maps; locating where the theme parks are located and what was within them. Some of the boys and girls have been lucky enough to visit the Disney theme parks, and they enjoyed showing their friends pictures of their visits to the resorts, which included several with the Disney characters. We also discussed if there were any Disney festivals or days which are celebrated, and the results showed that Disney tend to celebrate the same holidays as us, such as Christmas and Halloween, putting on shows and parades.

The Busy Bees have been continuing to develop their literacy skills, reading their favourite Disney stories, and practising writing the character’s names and story titles.

For numeracy and mathematics, the children practiced counting the Disney animals, princes and princesses, as well as making a graph to show who/what were the post popular characters/films. They also timed themselves to see if they could beat the speed limits of Lightning McQueen.

The children joined in with some Disney dancing and online parades, and they also loved participating in all of the crafts, making pictures to help develop their expressive arts. Whilst dancing, the children also had great fun doing Disney movie themed yoga, and they role played Disney characters, both indoors and outdoors. The children's favourite role play is Rapunzel and her prince, as he rescues her from her tower, which of course is the wooden platform at the top of our wooden garden play frame!

For non topical learning, The Busy Bees have been learning how to stay safe when outwith the nursery or their homes. The children have been discussing road safety and how to stay safe whilst walking within the community and crossing roads. The children are now looking at the safest places to cross, such as at Zebra crossings,traffics lights and where there is a lollipop man or woman.

The Busy Bees have also been discussing road and street signs which help keep everyone safe. The children were able to identify particular signs on their way to nursery and around their homes. A recent addition to the construction corner are signs and road markings, helping the children learn as they play.


In the run up to Christmas, we will participating in our usual crafty festive activities to take home. We will also be having Christmas themed parties during our last week commencing 14th December.

Dates for your diary

Our website - has information regarding key dates, Show and Tell, through the use of our Interavtive Learning Diary etc, so please take a look at Wee Rascals Too news.

Children have been having a Dress Up Week in the lead up to Halloween, with a Halloweeen party for the children in on a Friday 30th October.

Christmas Closure – Friday 18th December 2020 at 6.00pm – re-opening Monday 4th January 2021 at 7.30am.

Kind regards

Claire Rizza

Nursery Manager

Tel – 01467 633994

Added: 29 Oct 2020 Updated: 29 Oct 2020