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Newsletter - January 2021

Newsletter – January 2021

Dear Parents

Here we are, three weeks into a new term, and what a term it has been! We have been joined by some wonderful new faces and it has been really special getting to know everyone. We would like to welcome all the families, new and old, temporary or permanent. We are delighted to have you all here. All the children have settled into the nursery routine extremely well!

We have had some great fun being around all the children again and have loved hearing about all the Santa stories. Personally, I’m loving that some of the older children are keeping me on my toes by telling me how many steps they have managed to fit in to a day with their new fitness watches!

We have had loads of fun here at Victoria Street. It has been amazing, listening to the children talk about their experiences. One of the children came in last week and loudly announced “I just love this place”, filling my team and I with great joy. We have also had some lovely positive feedback from parents.

We have enjoyed so many activities since coming back, far too many to mention them all, but several have been displayed on Facebook for you all to have a look at. We made some playdough last week and shared the recipe on Facebook to give the children an opportunity to make it at home, if they wish. It’s simple but very effective, proving to be a firm favourite for all ages of children, helping them to develop good sensory skills and imagination, whilst allowing them to make meaningful models.

We have had lots of outdoor play, getting wrapped up in our winter gear and exploring the garden, whatever the weather. Some of the children loved exploring with the ice, watching it melt in the staff’s hands, and in the sunlight as the day progressed, helping the children to engage and participate in some simple science.

Some of the children made carnival crowns which were absolutely fabulous! Children of all ages were able to participate and stick sequins onto the card for the crown. Collage is so creative and fun, and with no expectation of the end result. We then took part in some carnival dancing. The dancing was amazing, with several great movers up there, and I thought the ceiling might come in at one point!

The Victoria Street 2-5 group used paints and the small dinosaurs to create coloured dinosaur footprints on paper. The younger children used the activity to develop their knowledge of colours, and the older children discussed size and size comparisons, with the children learning that the Brontosaurus foot is much bigger than a Compsognathus foot.

One of the St Swithin Street children drew a treasure map, which instigated a small project about pirates. The children made their own sparkly gold coins, practicing their cutting skills, cutting around the circles. The coins were hidden around the room, and the children worked together to find them. The children learnt many facts about pirates, and they now know that the flag is called the Jollly Roger, and that pirates have really big ships.

In the babies, we did some chalk drawings, with each child contributing to one massive picture, with lots of pastel shades of chalk. It looked fabulous! A real social experience, whilst learning about colours and pen grasp.

Children have used the wooden blocks, introducing 3D shapes, building high towers, and then knocking them down with delight!

We have also had a few birthdays this year so far, and Nicola our cook has made some great cakes which the children have really enjoyed. We are very happy to celebrate the children’s birthdays with them at nursery. Remember, don’t bring a cake from home, Nicola will make all of these.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for the lovely gifts we received over the Christmas period. As always, you were all too generous and I’m still making my way through the mountain of chocolate I received. The diet should start about June time!

2021 at Summers, as always, will be filled with fun, learning and love for all who attend. We look forward to the whole family returning soon, so we can continue our journey in early years together.


We will continue to update our Covid-19 policy when required, so please can you read it thoroughly when it is sent out to you. Please continue to follow social distancing, wash/sanitise hands, and wear a face covering at drop off/pick up times.

It is vitally important that children do not attend nursery if they are unwell.

If your child develops any of the most common symptoms of Covid-19, then contact NHS 111 to arrange to have your child tested, informing the nursery management team immediately. Do not visit your GP, pharmacy or hospital, and your child and household unit must self-isolate. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for the most common symptoms of Covid-19 which are Fever/high temperature (37.8 degrees C or greater), A new continuous cough, Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia).   If your child develops any of these symptoms at nursery, then parents must inform NHS 111 that the nursery has confirmed symptoms and requests the test, passing on the symptoms that the nursery has advised of. Guidance can be found at:

Parents must also be vigilant to other wider signs of their child feeling unwell, and contact their GP for advice regarding any other symptoms their child develops which may indicate Covid-19. Please also seek immediate medical advice from your GP if your child experiences any unusual tiredness/fatigue.


The nursery will not accept any medicines which contain Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which are used to reduce fever eg Calpol/Nurofen, as these can mask a temperature. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for further information re medication. If your child develops a high temperature at home, then you must arrange a Covid-19 test even if you administer fever reducing medication which would artificially bring down the temperature.

Please do not give your child any medication which contains Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which can mask a temperature prior to them coming into nursery. If your child is teething, we advise teething gels/powders which are a good alternative and can be taken into nursery.

Your child must not attend nursery until 24 hours have passed after a first dosage of antibiotic.


Please note that if your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting then they must remain at home until 48 hours after the last episode.

Kind Regards

Claire Drennan

Nursery Manager/ Operations Director     

Phone – 01224 628862

Mobile – 07943 063544

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