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Victoria Street (Aberdeen)

Summers Nursery - Victoria Street Fees

Day (Full Days 7.30am - 6.00pm) Cost £
Day 1 & 2 (2 days minimum of attendance) £75.75
Day 3 £72.25
Day 4 £69.75
Day 5 £67.25
Council Funded Sessions Times Cost £ per day
Funded Full Day (10 Hours, Days 1 & 2) 7.30am - 6.00pm nil
3rd Part Funded Day (Using 2.8 Hours of Funding) 7.30am - 6.00pm £56.75
Consumables/Outings/Visits (Applies to Days 1 & 2) - £5.00

Sibling Discount

All siblings each attract a discount on chargeable fees of 7.5% whilst two or more siblings both attend nursery at the same time. Sibling discount discontinues for all siblings when one or more siblings leave nursery and only one sibling remains at nursery.

Funding Discount

A discount of 5% will be applied to chargeable fees from the month after a child's 3rd birthday and will apply until the beginning of the term in which they become eligible for a funded place. This discount is intended purely to assist those children whose birthdays may result in a significant delay in their becoming eligible for a funded place - in some cases this can be almost 5 months after their 3rd birthday, so the timing of a birthday can be significant. The sole purpose of this discount is to recognise this timing anomaly. This discount ceases when a child becomes eligible for a funded place regardless of whether they take a funded space with us.

Government Funded days attended count towards our reducing daily fee scale - so if a child attends 3 funded days in a week, the 4th day attended will attract a Day 4 fee of £69.75, and the 5th day attended will attract a Day 5 fee of £67.25.

Funding Entitlement

Children become eligible for Council Funding for the school term starting after their 3rd birthday.

Annual funding entitlement is 1140 hours, spread over the funding year = 22.8 hours per week

The first 20 hours per week of Council Funding is allocated to attendance during 2 full day sessions 7.30am to 6.00pm - children may attend the full 10.5 hours on these days.

Children in receipt of funding will be charged a consumable charge of £5.00 per day for each full day session booked, whether attended or not.

This fixed consumables charge is to cover all extra curricular activities such as outings & trips, additional materials and nursery visits/activities.

The utilisation of the remaining funding entitlement of 2.8 hours/week depends upon a child's normal attendance as follows:


1. Children normally attending 3 or more days per week - a funded session of 2.8 hours as part of a 3rd day cost

Cost of 3rd Day net of 2.8 hours funded session £56.75/day (Normally £72.25/day)


2. Children normally attending only 2 x 10 hour funded days - the remaining funding entitlement is accumulated and given as additional "Ad-Hoc" funded 10 hour days. In a normal funding year of 1140 hours, 1000 hours are utilised on the first 2 funded days, leaving 140 hours = additonal "Ad-Hoc" Days over the year. The number of "Ad-hoc" days for children accessing fundng part way through a funding year will be calculated by reference to actual funded weeks attended. "Ad-Hoc" Funded days will normally be taken on a Friday, when spaces are reserved for this purpose, and will be agreed termly in advance.


A two week non-refundable deposit equivalent to the days your child will be attending nursery will be required to secure a space. This deposit will be refunded off your first invoice.

Late Payment Penalty

Our fees are due upon presentation of invoice, and 4 weeks written notice by email is required to reduce sessions or leave nursery. Our salaries are paid on the last Friday of each calendar month, in December they are paid on the second last Friday.

A 5% late payment penalty will be applied to fee balances unpaid by the Friday prior to our salary payment date.

Any reduction of sessions prior to your child starting nursery requires a six week notice period.

For more information on our Inverurie Fees please download the PDF by clicking here. [ right click and download file to your computer ]

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