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Claire Drennan

I am the Operations Director of Summers Nurseries. I work hard to help oversee the running of all five nurseries implementing the policies and procedures whilst supporting the managers whenever they require assistance. Working closely alongside James and Jackie we ensure our nurseries offer high standards of child care throughout all five settings. Jackie and I work closely together to ensure our staff are of the highest calibre.

Jackie Young

Jackie Young

I founded Summers Nursery in 2004 when I opened the Inverurie Nursery. I oversee the recruitment, staffing and personnel aspects of the business. I am also responsible for monitoring and reviewing the nursery policies and procedures. I work closely with Claire and James to achieve all the aims and objectives of our nurseries.

James Young

James Young

I joined Summers in 2007 when we opened our second nursery in Victoria Street. I try to mentor our managers to the best of my ability and experience and take as much of the admin burden from them as I can to allow them to concentrate on what they do best - looking after their kids and staff.

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