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Nursery Manager More
Inverurie Suzanne Stephen About Suzanne and her team
St Swithin Street Erin Horne About Erin and her team
Victoria Street Claire Drennan About Claire and her team
Wee Rascals Jade Webster About Jade and her team
Wee Rascals Too Charmaine McRonald About Charmaine and her team

The Manager's Role

The Nursery Manager and Assistant Manager are responsible for ensuring the nursery provides the best possible standards of care and education; ensuring the environment is safe and secure, where the children are valued as individuals through a loving and child centred approach in all aspects of the way the nursery is run.

It is also the Manager's responsibility to ensure that the children have access to learning opportunities throughout their time at the nursery; providing learning activities which are educational, stimulating and fun.

We aim to deliver childcare in a way that meets parents' needs and works in partnership with them providing high levels of customer care.

Added: 14 Sep 2020 Updated: 08 Mar 2023